On A Natural Remedy for Female Discomfort durring the Menstrual Cycle by johnhstringer

AS: Do you know any natural remedy for the discomfort that I feel when I start my period?

— Answer from spirit guide “Realiy/Love”–
RL: Yes. You may find yourself feeling pressure, pain and all sorts of sensations during this time. It IS important for you to allow those sensations to unfold and NOT to assign a mental charge or a mental label to those feelings. This is natural and part of your process, but you magnify a situation and create more suffering and agony through labeling the sensations.

Thus, if you are able to experience the sensations without labeling good or bad, but accepting them fully as what they are, you will find they will dissipate and run a different course that will not be unpleasant. Yes. That is the best advice we could give on this topic. Yes.

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