Come and know that you are one with this substance by realitylove

now come into the presence of your power
your knowledge your omnipresence
come and know that you are one with this substance
you are one in your true nature
not the illusion or the concept of yourself you’ve held in your mind
but the reality of who  you are
that which is real and cannot be changed except by degree
form, yes
you are the power
the creator and creation
this is your true nature
listen now and understand that all these fears all these limitations
all these things that keep you from embracing who you are
are simply things you can let go
they are simply illusions that  you can release
and be free from by choice
by concentration
strengthen your mind
strengthen your resolve
through practice and release all that would ensnare you
and prevent you from fulfilling your life’s purpose in this form
let go and be free to enjoy life as it should be lived
and we use “should” loosely
as a reference to your birthright and nothing more
your birthright is passion, limitless love, freedom, abundance
every good thing
happiness harmony included
you are here to be
and be splendidly
just as nature’s natural course intends
do not be afraid to embrace this truth
do not be afraid to let go
for the only thing you will experience is bliss once you surrender
to reality
and so it is

– Morning Stream of consciousness writing from John Stringer

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Step into Receipt of Your Birthright by realitylove

Never before has there been a time for humanity to undergo faster and higher ascension
faster and higher refinement
greater awareness of that which is
than now
never has there been a more opportune time than now
for this is the time of great awakening a time of great realization a time of great importance
to the whole and this is the time for you to step into reality as it truly is
step into receipt of your birthright
and let go of the conditioned lunacy
the insanity of those who would consider suffering the norm
those who would think that suffering is the birthright of mankind
this is the time
now in this moment
for you to open your eyes
open your heart
open your mind
and receive truth
receive life
that which is within you
do not deny the omnipotence omnipresence and omniscience of the creator
allow all to unfold within you as it is ready to do by surrendering your conscious patterns
surrendering your habitual thinking
to stillness
to receipt of refined vibrations
those of love
of the highest order
those of gratitude joy peace relief surrender
those of which source is known universally
allow them to transpire in you now
and so it is

– Morning stream of consciousness writing from John Stringer
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Let Your Heart be at Peace by realitylove

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Now we are pleased with the progress you have made
in focusing your attention on your heart center and allowing source to fill you with source energy
vibrations of love, passion peace and joy
we are pleased with your focus on gratitude and your ability to feel appreciation for what is
we are pleased with your ability to accept all that is with non-judgement
and to experience unwanted thoughts with detachment
this is all very necessary in your realization of who you truly are and we are pleased with the progress you have and continue to make moment to moment
let your heart be at peace knowing that your commitment and desire for this process
will continue leading you down the correct path
for no decision you can make will bring you apart from the love and guidance of source
you are divinely protected indeed
and the more you realize that the easier your journey will be
for stress, as you know, is optional completely
your attention to love, thoughts and feelings of love
and your continued practice of what we have given you will bring you the freedom from conditioned thinking you deserve
the abundant life you most desire
and the rewards of living a life of light
that is bestowed among the most enlightened of you
you become more enlightened by being your true self
being the extension of source that you truly are
letting go of social conventions that do not align with your true nature the essence of love
and allowing your self to truly unfold as your heart’s desires dictate
this is your map to unfolding
and let your heart be the guide to seeking, moving and having your being in love
for the wisdom is there
the wisdom and connection the omnipotence
omniscience and omnipresence of source
is all within that heart center
this is your nature
for source is equally present everywhere
and your connection to source is best experienced through the vibrations of love best interpreted from your heart center

and so it is

– Morning stream of consciousness writing from John Stringer

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