You only need let go of all that tells you otherwise by realitylove

allow this moment to be as it is
and align yourself with the energy of it
this moment is full of bliss
this moment is full of good beauty opportunity
peace love joy gratitude for existence itself
this moment is pregnant with the joy and opportunity you seek
the fulfillment all that you would have to be free from any form of suffering
any form of lack
any form of limitation
this moment is already what you want it to be
you only need let go of all that tells you otherwise
the conditioned thinking that leads you to believe
you are somehow separate from your good
create in this moment the awareness of your full connection with all your good
and know that nothing can ever separate you
your illusions only serve to deceive you
and disconnect you from awareness
but your good is still there even in that moment of delusion
as you increase your frequency as  you let go of the reins
and allow source to guide and lead
as you surrender to this moment and all that good within
you will see the miracles unfold
you we see the effortless bliss and magic
manifest on every level of your being
your vision will open up to truly see what is
and you will be caught up in the bliss the rapture the limitless divine infinite love
and gratitude that so richly colors your life
and so it is

– Stream of consciousness writing from John Stringer

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Your foundational tools by realitylove

this day
this moment
this now
is your opportunity to feel
to be to do
this is the moment not the future not the idea of what is to come
but right now to fully be
you must simply allow
and feel
be aware of what you are thinking feeling now
allow source to move through you as you and to fully unfold
as it desires
for this as you have heard is the will of god
the will of source the will of the universe of all that is
to be you in your true form
your fullness yes
to unfold as you were meant to
and that is through limitless love
through non-judgment
through allowing the best and highest to transpire
and how you do this is a simple matter of being in this moment
feeling and thinking limitless love
these are your foundational tools and you may expand in beautiful ways
but know that it all begins now
and so it is

– Morning Stream of consciousness writing from John Stringer

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The illusions the limitations and lack by realitylove

surrender unto that which is deep within
waiting to come through
waiting to unfold
through your surrender
through your affirmative acceptance of who you really are
yes that is how you take the power
step into the opportunity
and be who you are to be
you must replace the false thinking
the illusions the limitations and lack
with truth
you must reprogram your thinking to embrace that which is real
that which is unseen that which is all-powerful and all-knowing
all-present and in you as you through you around you and the sum total of all that is
limitless love
this is truth
this is what you can replace the limitation the lack the loss
the false thinking and illusion with
and know that everything is her for your benefit
know that all circumstances come to bring you a lesson a gift toward your growth
let no opportunity to grow elude
learn to enjoy the process through shifting your perspective to that of love
that of trust that of faith
shifting your perspective to believing and eventually knowing through practice
yes and so it is

– Morning Stream of consciousness writing from John Stringer

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The Concentration of your Thoughts and Feelings by johnhstringer
April 24, 2010, 10:32 am
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Hear now what the lord
what the source
what the creator
what the living essence that which is life
has to say
enjoy your life enjoy this existence
this incarnation this freedom
this chance
this opportunity
enjoy it to the fullest
seek joy
seek love
seek passion internally
and bring it about externally through the concentration of your thoughts and feelings on that which is best and highest for all concerned
that which is limitless love
in every way and on every plane
for this is the will of the creator god within you as you and through you
be not confused by the nonsense you have heard
and accepted in the past as truth
know me by being
know me by experience
and truth yes
that is what is real
and what cannot be destroyed
what cannot be threatened
or taken from you
for illusion is always subject to threats
but reality
your true nature
is never destroyed never threatened
and so it is

– Morning stream of consciousness writing from John Stringer
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Let Go and Trust by realitylove

Let there be light in your hearts
and minds
let there be love abundantly flowing through you in you as you
through your focus on love and thoughts and feelings that move your soul
thoughts and feelings that put you into a lighter vibration
a feeling of bliss and passion
that is the love
that is the light
that is the healing you can focus on to flow freely through you and in you as you
to flow around you and to lift the consciousness of yourself and all those around you
that is the vibration you can seek to live in form moment to moment
to be in true alignment with source
for source is the essence the starting point of love
source is all love and source is greater than any limited definitions you can assign

know that you are an extension, the very nature of source
meaning you are an individualized part of source yes
you are just like a drop of water yet you are water
an individualized part of water but still connected to the source, the nature the essence of all
let your focus on love
your alignment
bring you into connection with the greater source that you are an extension of
let that focus bring you into alignment
and expand your presence
your awareness
expand your ability to unfold the truth in all moments
allow and let source do its good
allow and let source come though you in a way that blesses everyone around you
Trust this process
trust source and know that you will be uplifted in the best and highest way possible exactly when needed
and you will be divinely protected
for nothing shall come to you that is not meant for you
that all which comes to you and you encounter
will be for your uplifting
will be necessary for your unfolding and is the best and highest for your journey
know this know that as you focus more and more on source
as you focus more and more on love and light
as you focus more on aligning with the best and highest for all
you will be lifted up as that city on a hill to bring light to all those around you
and as that light becomes brighter
more pure
and more consistent in your life each moment
you will illuminate the world
and bring healing to all those around you so that they may be lifted up as well
you are that important
yes your are an opportunity for source to manifest in the world just as the Christ was
yes you are that same energy that same connection that same oneness
and you have that same opportunity to bring light and love into the world
know that there will be nothing to fear
for anything you encounter anything you are lead to experience is for the best and highest of all concerned
do not fear death or some painful foul ending
for you will supersede anything that could happen
to the physical and you will with grace accomplish all that you are to accomplish
and it will be more wonderful than anything you could ever accomplish holding on to illusions
know that you can trust the process and nothing you will undergo will be harmful to you
for source is here to bring you abundant joy
pure bliss and good
to assist you in breaking away from the illusions
not to have you more entrenched in fallacy
yes let go and trust
know that all is well and that source will lead you
love will guide you
light will elevate you and you will be freer than ever before
and so it is

– Morning stream of consciousness writing from John Stringer
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A New Day by realitylove

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A new day
a new opportunity to experience
thrive and live in a state of bliss
in a state of pure being
connection to the true essence the true nature of who you are
of who humanity really is
for you are one
in ways you are unfamiliar consciously
but you can change that through meditation
through practices that expand your awareness
through practices that help break through the conditioned thinking you have acquired
you can change that and be victorious in limitless living
to be victorious in limitless love
that is why you are here
remember your true purpose
remember that you are here to show love embody love
to be love
and to receive love
you are here for so much more than you have accepted
know that your true identity is not what you have learned
not the knowledge you have so-called acquired
not the roles you have chosen for yourself
not even the ones you imagine for yourself in the future
know your true identity is that of limitless love
power compassion joy peace bliss
of limitless being
your true nature your true identity is that of the all
yes indeed
it is that of the all
an extension of source in the purest form
you have heard analogies before
of how all humanity is connected
but understand – know that all life is connected
all creation is connected

your science is proving this through observation
but it has been known well before
there is a connection in life that runs through all of creation and unifies it as one
you are an extension and you can embrace this fact in helping you operate from a place of love
that is the purpose of this understanding
though you live and function in a duality
let the knowledge of your oneness with all creation
assist you in operating from a place of love
love yourself starting within and let that spread throughout your body and throughout creation
let that love expand daily and extend to those you encounter
to all of creation
you will begin to understand the true meaning of connection
the true meaning of life
and the true meaning of bliss
when you operate from the standpoint that you are one and you extend love to all

where does your alignment
come in to this
it is the central part of you that must align with source
to truly act in pure love
to truly know what needs to be done in any moment to benefit all
alignment is the secret to unlocking that inner wisdom
that inner connection that unity
let not your heart be troubled
for if you commit to practice
you will unlock all that is meant for you
you will receive true abundance
that supersedes any empty goals or intentions you may have
and you will be propelled forward into an ever-expanding experience of love and bliss
do not be afraid worry or concern yourself
with how all of this will transpire
simply set your feet to moving forward each moment in alignment and you will see the miracles of life unfold from a clearer perspective

– Morning stream of consciousness writing from John Stringer

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