To wield thought for the good of all that is by realitylove

your affinity for drama
for pain
for suffering
is an addiction that can only be broken by seeing the true power
you posses by recognizing it
and knowing it through experience
the first step in transformation is always recognition
dissolving the illusion is as simple as bringing about the truth
where there is error, truth dispels
so, it is for you a matter of allowing
a matter of opening up and receiving truth
for it is already here and it is the only thing that is real
letting go of the illusions
the psycho-babble that occurs constantly
otherwise known as mind chatter
can be a simple task
yet practice is required to truly dissolve these ingrained patterns
this suffering
as you let go and begin to drop the appearances and experience the reality
you begin to understand what is truly meant by illusions
yes you begin to recognize the true essence of living
and you regain your full power
to create to manifest to enjoy
to wield thought for the good of all that is
for the best and highest purpose
and so it is

– Stream of consciousness writing from John Stringer

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Lift The Vibration Of Your Being by realitylove

For whatever you think
whatever you feel whatever you experience there is nothing to compare tho the bliss that source provides when completely surrendered
completely aligned
it is an experience of ecstasy love
and joy
of peace and surrender
it drives all else away
and fills you with only that which is good
all other feelings thoughts
and vibrations contrary to the pure piercing love of source will be transmuted into the same energy
the same power
the same potent love
as that which you truly are
let this power unfold like the dawning of a new day
let this light shine and escalate like the beautiful radiant power you are
let it come naturally by letting go of all the control
all the pain
all the guilt the shame the resistance
all the struggle
let it go and allow yourself to center internally
allow your focus to move to your heart center and allow the energy to build there
the love energy the power to remove all obstacles
allow this power to build and center yourself in it
move from all over your body to this one focal point and allow the vibration of love of peace of relief of joy to begin there
let it build and spread through your heart chakra
to all areas of your body
let it spread from the center of your chest through all directions
and allow this energy to lift the vibration of your being
to amplify peace relief
love gratitude
and every thing that feels good
allow your body to be enveloped by this love and light
let it pour out around you through you in you
and let it lift your spirit to the highest point of satisfaction
and be fulfilled by that which is source
and so it is

– Morning stream of consciousness writing from John Stringer
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Move Through The Feelings by realitylove

Move through the feelings
the pain the resistance
the blocks move through these thoughts and allow that which is relief
joy that which is liberation
that which holds the very same vibration as peace and love
to move freely through you
it is all there
you simply need tune in
and amplify through your focus
through your intention
through your attention
attend the intention
through focus
consistently and the vibrations will amplify and transmute that which is around it
this is what your soul desires
and what you are able to do through surrender
surrender your mind to that which is relief
stop fighting what is going on in this now
stop fighting what is going on within
and allow the truth of your being to unfold through changing your focus on an internal frequency that feels light
feels good
feels relieving
simple and effective
in your journey

allow now
so whatever you focus on know that that will not only grow
but it will give way to the amplification of that and things similar to it
the flow of information through your body to and from
is consistent
and you can transform what is going on through your conscious mind
you can direct the process of eliminating the conditioned thinking that you have adopted
the conditioned thinking that has set up blocks in the true nature of who you are
through your conscious mind
yes this directs the flow of energy
in many ways
and allows you to unfold when directed toward positive expansive vibrations
and so it is

– Morning stream of consciousness writing from John Stringer
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Let Go of All Obstructions by realitylove

Bring out that which has hidden deep within yes
bring it out and let the light shine upon it
let nothing remain hidden within you
do what is necessary to bring it forth into the light
and to dissolve the sentiments you’ve held on to
of guilt
of resentment
of pain
let it out and bring light in its place
let it transform into the highest vibration of light
so that you may be free
and that your source energy may flow freely through you in you as you expanding in its unimpeded path
let all such blocks go
do what is necessary to stay in the flow of your life
the flow of reality
the pace of your existence consciously
and powerfully
being everything you need be
yes let go of all obstructions through practices that assist you in focusing on the blocks and relieving the tension relieving the resistance
this is so important to unfolding because the blocks are what obstruct your vision
obstruct your awareness
obstruct the truth of who you are
they form illusion around the truth and skew your perception
let them go
detach from the energy around them
the negative charges you have stored within
and let them go
know that you only need ask and it shall be given to you exactly how you need do so
for each block has its own best and highest solution to letting go
just ask within and you will be given the solution you need yes
and so it is

– Morning stream of consciousness writing from John Stringer
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Choose Exactly What to Entertain by realitylove

Your mind is filled with so many things
and you can choose exactly what to entertain
choose that which is best and highest
that which moves your soul to feeling good
feeling lighter
feeling lifted and feeling gratitude
choose that which is love
that which is good
excellent pure right and praiseworthy
yes that is what is meant in the biblical sense
your mind is the vessel in which you direct your mental action and your eventual feelings and conditions
you may choose suffering
or bliss
and all that is in between
but you have the choice at all times
know that if you practice focusing your mind on that which feels good
and when we say feel good
we man feels like love
feels moving to your soul and your heart
not the feels good so many misinterpret as the familiar pain and suffering
but the feels good that is light love relief joy and peace
focus your mind on thoughts and feelings that feel good in this way
that have no conflict no remorse and no heaviness
then you will allow your self to enter into that kingdom
enter into that mastery
and enter in to that alignment your highest self possesses already
it is within you
you merely need allow it to come through
know this

for what will it profit you to become something that is powerless
something that is constantly suffering
when you could be fulfilled through love bliss and harmony
through peace and light
what does it profit you to choose that which is powerless to save you from your own conditioned thinking
what does it profit you to judge others judge your self and continue in a cycle of pain and suffering
it does no good
and if you would but choose to let this go
choose to become that which is truly you
that which is deep within
let it out
yes moment to moment
but now
stop thinking of moment to moment as something coming or something long-standing
or even something from here into then
know that moment to moment is simply now
see that is alignment
and that is moment to moment
align now
don’t make it harder than it need be
that is all you need do now

for what do you want
what do you truly need
what do you truly desire
you desire freedom
you desire the bliss and the love and the constant knowing and trust
the constant enjoyment of life
the fullness and abundance that you know is there
that is what you desire
that is what your heart wants most
it is through practices of alignment
not anything external
that you find this
know this now

– Morning stream of consciousness writing from John Stringer
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The only Truth that lasts by realitylove

It is good that we take the time to connect with others
with family and foster connection
relationships based on love
it is necessary in healing who we are as a whole
it is necessary in expanding our experience of love individually
it is for the best and highest benefit of both the whole and the individual
where there is separation, resentment limitation and lack of love
there need be forgiveness and expansion
moving out on faith with pure love
knowing that source will heal what needs be healed
if we act as vessels of this love
forgiving and seeing all without fault
this is the love we are sending out throughout the world on a daily basis
this is the love we are focusing your attention on each day
to remind you of how powerful you are
how amazing and beautiful your love can be
how easily you can heal the world by healing yourself
by forgiving yourself
and extending that same love and compassion to others
it may seem easier to forgive others however
true forgiveness starts within and extends beyond
it is hard to see the resentment
the lack of love
for yourself so it is just as hard to see where you hold resentment
or withhold love from others
once you begin to go within and dissolve the blocks the resentment the body holds on to
the pain and frustration
pressure and dis-ease that your body stores that your mental physical and emotional bodies store
you will allow love to flow freely
allow source energy to expand within you and move outside of you
through you within you and heal all around you
for those who are willing
this path exists and it is a rewarding
fulfilling path indeed
know that you may be this vessel whenever you choose

it is a matter of practice, discipline and commitment
focus attention
all the things we have spoken many times before
it is simply a matter of you deciding now to dedicate your focus from moment to moment to being love
to growing and expanding
yes this is the path of fulfillment the path of abundance the path of a truly rewarding life on all levels
rewarding to your mind body spirit
to your soul
know that you are called to be a light not because you must but because you have the opportunity to experience real love
the only truth that lasts
and so it is

– Morning stream of consciousness writing from John Stringer

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On A Natural Remedy for Female Discomfort durring the Menstrual Cycle by johnhstringer

AS: Do you know any natural remedy for the discomfort that I feel when I start my period?

— Answer from spirit guide “Realiy/Love”–
RL: Yes. You may find yourself feeling pressure, pain and all sorts of sensations during this time. It IS important for you to allow those sensations to unfold and NOT to assign a mental charge or a mental label to those feelings. This is natural and part of your process, but you magnify a situation and create more suffering and agony through labeling the sensations.

Thus, if you are able to experience the sensations without labeling good or bad, but accepting them fully as what they are, you will find they will dissipate and run a different course that will not be unpleasant. Yes. That is the best advice we could give on this topic. Yes.

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