The internal states you desire by realitylove

and what you seek
what you want
is all internal
states of peace love and contentment
fulfillment and the like
all internal things that you seek effect from external things to receive
know that this never works, hence the dissatisfaction that eventually sets in from those who reach their external goals
it is only possible to feel contentment within from the expansion of consciousness
once the vibrations you truly seek are obtained once you finally focus on creating the internal state the correspond with the will of source, with the desire of your soul
you then find fulfillment that is long-lasting
that is permanent that is attainable at any and all times
this satisfaction, this fulfillment this peace this bliss
is spiritual and will be amplified by the external it attracts
thus, focus on cultivating the consciousness
the internal states you desire and you will have all else
for this is again the only way to fulfillment
yes and so it is

– Stream of consciousness writing from John Stringer

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