Alignment with the best and highest vibrations of feelings and thoughts by realitylove

let go of all limitations you have accepted as real
let go of the restrictions you have placed on your ability
for the truth is as an extension of source
your abilities are limitless
you must simply find a way to tap into them that works
for you
yes persistence is important
as is patience with yourself and with your growth process
but most important is your ability to align with truth and let go of the false conditioning you have accepted
this is key
alignment with the best and highest vibrations of feelings and thoughts you can obtain will lead to greater strength greater power
you will expand your ability to align and serve to manifest what is best and highest for all concerned
for how can you do this and deny yourself
when you are source, when you are one with all that is
the nonsense about self-denial and the confusion you have so long endured
as a whole
is simply an illusion that you must denounce
you must let go and
realize that the only thing you need deny is ignorance
and powerlessness
the only thing you need deny is anything contrary to your deserving limitless love
to be limitless love
to give limitless love
to know you are and already possess limitless love
the only thing you need deny is anything
that tells you you are not already in full possession of all you need
that is your source of power and let nothing tell you otherwise
for all else is not only illusion
but powerless to truly fulfill
yes and so it is

– Morning Stream of consciousness writing from John Stringer
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