So many lessons you will learn this life time and the next by realitylove

where you are in your development
depends on what you let go
yes for there are so many lessons you will learn this life time and the next
but you must stop and assess where you are now
you must enjoy this moment now
you must begin to let go of the chaotic habitual thinking
that occurs in your mind and allow source to move through you unimpeded
let go of controlling the thoughts and trying to make senses of everything
trying to come up with a plan for everything
trying to re-live situations in the past and figure them out
yes let them go release this energy to be in the now
to allow source to move you inspire you and show you exactly what this moment needs
there are times where reflection is a very good thing and fruitful
and that is when you are thinking on these times from a place of gratitude
for learning lessons they brought
for appreciating life as you have experienced it
any other perspective that contradicts such thoughts and feelings
is counterproductive to your unfoldment
let go of the constant thinking by fixing your mind on being
fixing your mind on feeling love
fixing your mind on thoughts of love now if needed
but take back the control of your mind and use it as a tool to allow your true essence to unfold
and so it is

– Morning Stream of consciousness writing from John Stringer

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