Think on those things that correlate with the divine by realitylove

your dependence upon your thinking
is not a bad thing
it is only that your thinking has been in error
your thoughts have been that of limitation fear and lack
so you continue to create such circumstances
once you change the method of thinking
the conditions the results follow
think on those things that correlate with the divine
and you will achieve divine
think on that which is love that which is powerful
and you will create loving powerful conditions
but know that it is not a matter of thinking a few times a day
it is a moment to moment thinking that creates your results your conditions
that cause the effects around you and within
condition your thinking to be consistent
and you will achieve consistent results
whatever is predominant in your thinking now
will show up in your surroundings and conditions
internal and external physical spiritual
in every level of your existence
thus it is important to focus on changing your mind
changing your thinking
to align with where you want to be
but most importantly
where source desires for you to be
this is the will of source
this is your soul’s desire
and so it is

– Morning Stream of consciousness writing from John Stringer

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