Disconnection With Your Internal State by realitylove

Where are you now
in your mind are you in your body
in this moment
in this experience even as you read this
are you connected to your heart and do  you feel
the internal state the vibrations that you are experiencing in this moment
if you are disconnected with that state
then where is your attention
is it completely focused on reading these words and the images or ideas triggered
you can be fully present and aware of your experiences internally and you can ensure
you are where your soul desires as far as internal states
in every moment
you have that power
and you do not have to give it away to anything
you can choose to allow the moment to bring about whatever feelings
while you focus on your internal awareness and have a fulfilled experience of alignment
or you can intend to experience an internal state and generate a tone a feeling a vibration  from your heart center or any other place in your body
and you can do both of these simultaneously and allow your experience to unfold in whatever way it will
this surrender is very fulfilling very healing and very important to your growth
and so it is

– Morning stream of consciousness writing from John Stringer
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This Moment Is Rich At All Times by realitylove
January 23, 2010, 4:16 pm
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Now listen closely as we lead you on a journey of consciousness
a journey of understanding and awareness
yes that is the almighty plan for this moment
as always that is the plan for your soul’s awareness
for your own unfolding and for everything you are about to experience
let go and know that source is in total control and that all you need do is surrender all you need do is allow
yes that is it
at every moment do not fight the present
do not wrestle with why
know and trust that source is bringing about the best and highest for all concerned at every moment
the way of your life is set to allow you freedom of choice
so that you might learn the truth of life
and you might become aware
open your eyes and seek that which is really true
that which brings clarity
yes this is the purpose of your existence
to bring you into that peace so that you might enjoy every moment
for this moment is rich at all times
rich with the abundance your soul desires
give in and enjoy it now
not later not in some future external condition that you imagine will provide all you need
for this is an illusion
that which you desire
that which you need is already here
you exist and there for you are able to tap into the truth of your life
the truth of existence
the truth of happiness
it is all here now
allow it to manifest in your awareness and fill your soul
and so it is

– Morning stream of consciousness writing from John Stringer
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How We View Circumstances, Past and Present by realitylove

Now we are pleased to inform you that
all the love all the passion all that you need is not only here for you now
but has always been so
indeed your attention to alignment and your reflection on the past
will help you see this in your own life if you ask to see it from the eyes of source
many times we view circumstances, past and present , through a filter of conditioned thought
and choose to see things in unfavorable terms
this is not the wrong way to look at things
but it is not the best and highest way either
if you seek the best and highest way or path to view circumstances
then you will seek to see things from the eyes of source
source is creative source is loving
source is balance
and source is passion
imagine looking at your life from this perspective
all the events in your life can easily be forgiven
for you recognize that they are what they are
they cannot be changed or erased however
they do not need to be held on to because they no longer exist
all that is is right now
so if you hold on to the past in an unfavorable way
you are holding on to nothing
for it is no longer
all that is is right now
your consciousness is meant to deal with what you experience in the now, even through memories, in a favorable way
and what is favorable is simply allowing your mind to be filled with thoughts that align with love
thoughts and feelings that align with the very nature of source
so that you might benefit personally and all those around you

be not afraid of looking foolish
sounding a certain way or
any concern outside of alignment
for your alignment , no matter how perceived, will bring about the best and highest for all concerned
remember that
practice being aligned in every circumstance from moment to moment
as often as you can remember
use practices that you feel
practices that you know you are responding to by the way you are moved when you try them
all practices can work but it is important to find what works best for you in this moment
the experience of searching and trying assists you as well
all of the journey is a part of your growth
not just the end destination
for you will continue to expand
so be present and enjoy it

– Morning stream of consciousness writing from John Stringer

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