True Satisfaction In Any Exchange by realitylove

Part 1:
Whatever you profit whatever you do that brings in value must be something of equal or greater value
in order for you feel and experience true satisfaction in any exchange
this is true of all things
life, love, finance, business, whatever you do
conversation, time with family friends any relationship
this is the case
that is why your soul resonates with the things you are learning that are parallel
this is true reciprocity
this is the giving that if you open yourself to both receive and give freely
you will experience the true beauty of life
the true flow of source energy in all its miraculous forms yes
and so it is

Part 2:
(In response to my question, “How?”)

You must do so aligned
you must open up and follow source’s guidance
the best and highest part of you that knows exactly what to do and how
that knows exactly what to say and when
that knows exactly what to give and what to receive
you must align with source in all moments
through setting your intention
through being aware and present in each moment
through doing whatever you need to do to remain aligned with source in each moment
aligned with limitless love
then, the way is clear
exactly what needs to happen in this moment is seen
and you are able to act in accordance with what is best and highest for all concerned at any moment
and so it is

– Morning stream of consciousness writing from John Stringer
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