Poignant and yet so simple in its nature by realitylove

Wither not the right to understand
wither not the right to comprehend
know that all is given in due time
according to the necessity and demand
that which you desire must be obtained within
before circumstances
reflect the same
know that there is no pain from gain
there is no truth from youth
there is nothing but that which is pure and undefiled that which is radiant and most profound
poignant and yet so simple in its nature
for the truth of who you are is without a doubt attainable if you would but do the simple tasks to grasp that which is here for you now
and understand your circumstances are not greater than life itself
and all that is within this moment is yours for the asking
only  you need believe and obtain through actual submission of the conscious mind to the greater will of the highest self yes
and so it is

– Morning stream of consciousness writing from John Stringer
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