There is a Quiet Surrender by realitylove

There is a quiet surrender
we are leading you toward
a quiet surrender to the reality of life
that which beckons inside to a sanity rich with peace and quiet
that underlying silence that does more than just sustain your life
it is the essence that allows you life
that enables and empowers life
that fulfills life
you must do all you can to allow it to flow freely
and immerse yourself in its glow
for your heart is ripe
with all that is required to follow source’s call
your mind is ready to let go of the stronghold it has on distractions
and your soul is waiting to unfold fully at a rate that fulfills it most
you need only choose to give into source
and watch the miracles continuously manifest in your life
a life of wonder
a life of richness
and abundance
a life of wholeness and freedom
yes that is true life lived abundantly
and if you are not living in this manner
you need focus further on letting go of fiction
and entering into the truth of life
letting go of the illusions that the outer world presents
and entering into that inner world deep within that holds the truth of life
that connection to the everlasting part of you
allow source to guide you to a higher plane of existence
a higher life
void of the loss and lack you so often ponder
and let the love of the ages fill your soul
with a peace never felt before
know that source’s love is deeper stronger higher and wider
than any love you have ever encountered
and this love is always at your side
within you
as you
through you
ready to give you every good thing
at just the right time
not sooner not later
but exactly when you need it
your consciousness
is the key to accepting all the good awaiting you
and once you have found the truth of life
continue to unfold in a manner that is befitting a child of the most high
the greatest power
be not concerned with how others view you
but know that there is nothing more precious
more potent
and more important
than your alignment
than your unfolding
than your love
your life in perfect balance

– Morning stream of consciousness writing from John Stringer

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