To Enjoy in Harmony with the Universe by realitylove

it is time to focus your thoughts
your mind your being on fulfilling that which your soul came to be do and have
it is time to focus now on fulfilling the desire of your soul
the will of source yes
it is now the moment to put your intention to fulfilling this purpose
for that is why you exist
nothing is created randomly in the since of purpose yes
nothing exists without purpose
and nothing occurs without cause
understand you are here for reasons just as all creation exists for reasons
and the main purpose of your life is to enjoy in harmony with the universe
to enjoy as the divine yes
your soul has come for specific reasons and lessons
and for you to enjoy this journey
you must give yourself fully to
completing the role you are here to complete
finding your joy, your bliss your passions
your love are a central starting point
from there you can receive guidance to create specific projects
to assist the universe in unfolding as it desires
in perfect harmony with all that is
and this is the path of bliss
and so it is

– Stream of consciousness writing from John Stringer

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