Relax, let go and align with thoughts and feelings of love by realitylove

the cymbal you have heard used in an analogy for those without love
they are like one who clangs but has no true melody or resonance that is appealing
know that your light is directly tied to love, tied to enjoyment
the more joy, love, gratitude and the like
the more your light truly affects your surroundings
bringing about the effects that fulfill your soul
know that all you need do is be aware of your thoughts and feelings moment to moment
and when you notice resistance
relax, let go and align with thoughts and feelings of love
when you notice stress, relax, release the thoughts of stress or the appearances of problems
and reflect on the truth that all is well at all times bringing about your best and highest good
when you are feeling exhausted, recognize that you have all power within you and can tap into rejuvenation, revitalization and refreshment in this very moment
ask for it , believe and receive it
so you must simply redirect your thoughts and feelings to change your internal conditions and the external will follow
and so it is

– Stream of consciousness writing from John Stringer

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