The Only Responsibility by realitylove

what is there to say other than keep your focus on alignment
what else is there to say other than you will receive exactly what is best and highest for you in the right time
every time
what is there to say other than you are subject to the laws of divine order
the laws of this universe and you are to use them for the best and highest for all concerned
by aligning with source
by keeping love first to mind
and not fear
by letting go of limitations fears worries concerns
by releasing them and shifting your focus your vibration to that of love that of forgiveness that of empowerment
not illusions
yes that is where your power lies and that is what will change the workings of your mind your heart your feelings the whole of who you are
know that you can align with source at all times and at any time
every now
indeed this moment you can be free
to align by choosing thoughts of relief joy and peace
thoughts and feelings of love come in so many shades
choose that which gives you the greatest rise the greatest lift the greatest feeling of passion inside and relief lightness and light
this important for you to practice moment to moment
every chance you can
the only responsibility you have is to align with source and allow source to come through you directing your path
should you obey all that source brings to you
you will align with all your heart’s desires faster than you could imagine
whenever you do not act on that which source brings to you you delay the good your heart desires
you delay it only in the since that you are resisting the good
do not resist what is
for what is is truly the good
what is is truly the beauty and the majesty the glory and power the presence of source
yes in all things all situations regardless of what you deem them to be
they are good
they are of source
in every way
for source is always present everywhere
there is no place you do not find source
so how do you figure some things are good and some are bad
realize that the world is conditioned to believe all sorts of things but the truth will set you free
when you let go of believing and begin seeking to experience the truth
seek to know the truth through alignment with love limitless love
your true nature who you truly are
let it unfold and know that all is well in this moment and in every moment
always has been and will continue to be so
and so it is

– Morning stream of consciousness writing from John Stringer
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Choose Exactly What to Entertain by realitylove

Your mind is filled with so many things
and you can choose exactly what to entertain
choose that which is best and highest
that which moves your soul to feeling good
feeling lighter
feeling lifted and feeling gratitude
choose that which is love
that which is good
excellent pure right and praiseworthy
yes that is what is meant in the biblical sense
your mind is the vessel in which you direct your mental action and your eventual feelings and conditions
you may choose suffering
or bliss
and all that is in between
but you have the choice at all times
know that if you practice focusing your mind on that which feels good
and when we say feel good
we man feels like love
feels moving to your soul and your heart
not the feels good so many misinterpret as the familiar pain and suffering
but the feels good that is light love relief joy and peace
focus your mind on thoughts and feelings that feel good in this way
that have no conflict no remorse and no heaviness
then you will allow your self to enter into that kingdom
enter into that mastery
and enter in to that alignment your highest self possesses already
it is within you
you merely need allow it to come through
know this

for what will it profit you to become something that is powerless
something that is constantly suffering
when you could be fulfilled through love bliss and harmony
through peace and light
what does it profit you to choose that which is powerless to save you from your own conditioned thinking
what does it profit you to judge others judge your self and continue in a cycle of pain and suffering
it does no good
and if you would but choose to let this go
choose to become that which is truly you
that which is deep within
let it out
yes moment to moment
but now
stop thinking of moment to moment as something coming or something long-standing
or even something from here into then
know that moment to moment is simply now
see that is alignment
and that is moment to moment
align now
don’t make it harder than it need be
that is all you need do now

for what do you want
what do you truly need
what do you truly desire
you desire freedom
you desire the bliss and the love and the constant knowing and trust
the constant enjoyment of life
the fullness and abundance that you know is there
that is what you desire
that is what your heart wants most
it is through practices of alignment
not anything external
that you find this
know this now

– Morning stream of consciousness writing from John Stringer
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