You Are Incarnate Divinity Indeed by realitylove

your focus is now on the right track when you are realizing there is no separation between you and the divine
for you are the divine
in every way
understand this and let go of all that contradicts it
there is nothing to fear in realizing your divinity
only gain
you are that which is sacred you are that which you seek that which you pray to
understand this is so and
all you need do is let go and allow the truth of who you are to come through
as you have heard many times
letting go and letting god
is simply letting go and letting love
it is simply letting go and letting what is be
it is letting go and letting what you are be what is
it is letting go and allowing that which is true that which is real
that which is love
that which you are to shine through and be all that it is meant to be
you are the divine
you are the chosen one
in part and in whole
know that you right now
are all that is
and have everything you need to live the life you have come to live
a life of love
of light of power yes indeed
of fulfillment
of a righteous and blessed divinity
let nothing veer you away from knowing who you really
are from being who you really are
be not afraid of the stories the consequences you have heard of those who have
chosen to see themselves as god
for those stories are inaccurate
and the truth is
you are god
you are the divine
and what that is is up to you to discover
for it is not the old idea you have had of God
it would be impossible for you to be that
but you are what is real
not what is constructed in the minds of humans
not the illusion God you have heard of
for there are many indeed
but you are the true god, source the divine
the essence of love
love itself in its ever-expanding form
you are incarnate divinity indeed
and so it is

– Morning stream of consciousness writing from John Stringer
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Why is the Ego allowed to exist? by realitylove
May 21, 2009, 11:11 am
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ANON: Since we are to seek guidance from source/spirit guide, inner guide, why are we given minds to think and create our own understanding? Why is the “diseased ego” or unaligned self allowed to exist?

RL: What you are seeking to understand is the mind of Source. It is simple enough for you to accept that you have a part in source’s expression and there are experiences and lessons for you to have. It is something to cherish. You may not fully understand it but do not get caught up on analyzing it. That is not what is important. What is important is you learning your lessons through experience; learning how to better align with source from moment to moment. It is of no concern to you why source has set things into motion the way the are. Yes.

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On the difference between Inner Guidance, Higher Self, Spirit Guides & Source by realitylove

ANON: What is the difference between my inner guidance, higher self and my spirit guide? If different, do I or will I be able to operate from my higher self and is that part of the plan of life for everyone?

RL: As we have discussed before, it is the plan for you to align with source and in doing so, your consciousness will go to a higher point; a great awareness and a union with the mind of source. A union with the one mind that exists in all. This is a path for anyone who wishes to seek it. A path of greatest fulfillment for all mankind; however, not everyone will seek or choose this path. That is the reality of what is. Yes.

You must simply continue practicing, continue seeking, continue experiencing, continue building your presence, your vibration, your alignment with source and you will get everything that is coming to you, everything that is meant for you.

There is no difference between the mind of source and your mind once you are in alignment from moment to moment. Once you have risen to the highest vibration. There is only separation when conditioned thoughts come in and are accepted as truth. You are simply learning to eliminate those mistakes and accept the well being that is already here for you. Yes.

You must simply continue learning, continue experiencing, continue the path that you are on and you will experience what you seek, what you desire. Have faith in this. Yes.

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On effective Meditation to align with Source and “fool proof” practices by realitylove

Piotr Bartnicki: I suppose my goal is to align with source. To do this I am practicing meditation each day.  However there are always a few doubts in my mind as to whether I am meditating correctly – am I forcing myself to be silent to much? Should I allow more? If I allow too much will I become unconscious? Should I force myself to stop thinking, or is this too much resistance?

I try to relax and just keep it simple; focus on some serene music or a water fountain, or my breath going in and out. I just wanted to know whether there is any way that I can be absolutely sure that I am doing the meditation process correctly. Because what worries me is that I will be meditating for years and then realize I was doing it wrong, and that all of that time was lost.

Also, during the day, is there any “fool-proof” practice that I can follow to raise my vibration? In the past I have tried to be aware of my body as I walk down the street, but often I lose consciousness by getting lost in my thoughts; mostly my imagination. Is it simply a matter of trying harder?

Thanks a lot for your help. I wish I could follow a spiritual practice without always doubting myself, or failing constantly because my mind takes me over.
Reality/Love:  It is important to focus your mind on stilling your thinking so you may elevate your consciousness from the habitual practices you have become accustomed to thus far.  The stilling of your mind allows space for source to commune with you. Yes.  You may also try focusing your mind on a thought of high vibration, suchy as love. Yes.  Anything that moves your soult to think upon, that you are passionate about and that is of the highest good will help elevate yourself to a frequency where source will commune with you  more easily.  Yes.

Your ability to focus your mind will grow with practice.  Stilling your mind and thoughts is not something you are already accustomed to and it is much like learning any new behavior – it takes time and practice.  However, the fact that you are on the journey and seeking practices that work for you is what is important most of all.  Be patient with yourself and accept whatever comes through your efforts because you are making progress and you will receive the very lesson source has for you in any given moment if you allow yourself to open up – allow yourself to raise your frequencey naturally.  It will come. Yes.  Be patient and allow the process to unfold and do your best to let go of judgment, let go of any specific expectation of time and place. Yes.

As for your question regarding a fool proof method – there are so many ways to connect durring the day with source and you are using some of them. It is only importaqnt that you seek to find those that work best.  If one seems to work at a time but stops sudenly, then seek another.  There is no specific practice that you must do and in fact you may do many.  It would do you well to enjoy them as modes of transportation. Yes. Such as walking. Such as riding a bus. Such as riding a plane. Each mode can be enjoyed for what it is. Yes.  But each gets you there in a specific amount of time different from the other. Yes.  None is better than the other so you must understand you simply need to find practices you enjoy most and be presence as you are doing.  Monitoring your breathing. Yes.  Being conscious of your body and your overall presence. Yes.  These are all good things to continue.  You will do fine if you continue and let go of any expectation of time and place.  Yes.

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Is my brother my spirit guide? by realitylove
April 15, 2009, 9:31 pm
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Anonymous: I believe my older brother is my guide . But he took his life from over drugs . He really felt unloved . I hear things he once said to me . Like do a i say not as i do . Which i do not use street drugs at all . But i have great pain from joint pain . I smell coffee every time i believe he is around . Why does he leave me most times.  Is he a guide to more people then me ? When will they or he start channeling with me ? Sincerely asking.

RL: Your brother is not your guide. Your spirit guide is a collective conscience other than your brother. Yes.  However, your brother is around you and his energy has been in contact with you.  It is as you suspected in that way, but he is not your spirit guide.  Yes.

Your spirit guide has been with you for much longer than the time since your brother past. Yes.  If you would like to communicate with your brother, you may either use meditation and other practices that open your consciousness to allow this or you may seek a channel to contact him with. Yes.

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11:11: Getting to know your Spirit Guide by johnhstringer
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…Your understanding is not what limits your view of God.  What limits your view of God is what you allow yourself to see.  What you allow yourself to see is defined by how you interpret what you see.

Where we are taking you is a new definition of what you see.  A definition not confined to your old beliefs but one defined by Limitless Love.  Limitless Love.

We are here to help direct you toward your path in limitless love.  It is not hard to allow us through.  It is as easy as letting go of your old frame of mind and deciding to understand Limitless Love.”

Reality / Love

“I will remind all that love is the only thing that fulfills.”  – Reality/Love

As the About page of this blog explains, this site originally began as a way for me to publish the answers received by my spirit guide in response to questions from readers, my wife and I.   It has since evolved into an archive of many of those questions and answers along with many daily messages from both my spirit guide and, the most recent, from the Inner Being.  The difference between the Inner Being and Spirit Guides is that the inner being is your true, best and highest self – your direct essence that is the direct extension of source existing as you, in you.  It is where all knowledge, wisdom and power reside as light and love, awaiting your conscious surrender to tap in and receive what you are here to receive.  A Spirit Guide, is a non-physical collective consciousness, assigned by source to guide you.

The following tells you more about my personal journey and how I began tapping into this power.

My name is John Stringer and  I first made conscious communication with my spirit guide in February, 2008, and since then, my wife, Kathy, and I (we are “channel partners”) have asked my spirit guide questions for our own benefit and on behalf of  many friends and visitors to this site.   The answers have been profound and simple, ringing with a certain unmistakable truth for us, and have lead me to finally tapping directly into the true source of power within us all.  I share this post in hopes that those who can relate to this story might benefit from it and fully embrace the path they are being lead to as well as to explain the intention of this site.













I was never one to believe in spirit guides.  In fact, I was brought up in a Southern-Christian home where speaking with spirits or any such “nonsense” was considered taboo and even “evil” or Satanic.  Granted, we prayed to Jesus and God, but that was the extent of communication with the non-physical.  So how did I go from that to communicating with my spirit guide  and my inner being?











SEEING 11:11
The first way I began recognizing my spirit guide was getting my attention was when I began noticing 11:11 on the digital clock repeatedly.  Other series of numbers like 3:33, 4:44, etc. eventually emerged, but 11:11 was the start. So much so that I hit the Internet to figure out why it was happening.


I found a few sites, including http://www.1111spiritguardians.com, explaining that this was my spirit guide trying to get my attention.  Of course, I dismissed this as silly b/c I really didn’t believe in spirit guides.

I continued meditating, studying and seeking truth while not quite understanding the frequent 11:11 “coincidences.”


That all changed for me over the course of time culminating late one night, meditating, when I received my first “channeled” message from my spirit guide.  Of course, I wondered what was happening since the way the message came through for me was very peculiar – as if I felt energy flowing through me and forcing my mouth to form the words as the actual meaning of what I was mouthing came clearly to my mind.  I had tapped into that same energy many times before meditating, and it had even moved my head, body, arms and legs, but never had it formed words with my mouth until this particular night.

Over the proceeding month, I was lead to various sources of information, including the teachings of Eckhart Tolle, Paramhansa Yogananda and others on a similar path to God/Source/Alignment.  After a friend of wife’s sent us a CD of the teachings of Abraham,  I became much more curios about spirit guides b/c the teachings lined up so well with the principles that were radically helping me change my life.   I researched more on how Esther & Jerry Hicks made contact with Abraham and my wife and I decided to try the advice they were given when they first made contact.


That day was Feb 11th (2/11) and we made contact with my spirit guide who identified himself as simply “I am Reality I am /Love” and whom we now call “RL” for short:


MY WIFE asks: “And you are Reality.. that is your name?”

REALITY/LOVE:  “I am Reality and I am Love. “

MY WIFE  : hmm.. Good things to be.  (chuckle)

REALITY/LOVE: Yes.  My name is less important than your focus on what I bring.

From that day on, my wife, Kathy, served as my partner in this process and helped me record the conversations and ask questions of our own and a few friends, as we were told to only share with like-minded people for the time being.  RL eventually gave us direction/permission to share the teachings received with others in both the questions and answers as well as through daily stream of consciousness writings.

What I finally understood was that my spirit guides were all the time guiding me to my own inner being, my direct source of guidance and power, and I was eventually guided to publish messages I receive through this means.

So, welcome to the site we’ve set up to do so!  Please search the posts and use the link in the left column to ask your questions!


Though I identify myself, I will share the same explanation RL first gave my wife (Kathy) and I, “My name is less important than your focus on what I bring.”


If you would like to receive weekly updates regarding answers received, spiritual practices and daily words of hope & abundance, I invite you to join my email list at http://www.snipurl.com/myrn

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