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there is so much more to say
there is more than a little to expand upon in your consciousness
there are places and blocks and beliefs
in which you have stored things that contradict the truth of who you are and we are here to shine a light of love upon this and to break down the barriers to understanding and illuminate your consciousness to its rightful place
realize that there is nothing but love in this world nothing but God
the false dichotomy that man has created has instilled fear in all
but death harm and all these things that you see
are illusions
even harm yes
this is an illusion because in essence nothing that is real can be destroyed
so fear stems from attachment to these illusions and your responsibility is to align with source and know that you cannot be destroyed you cannot be harmed
the only thing that can be harmed is your illusion and your attachment to it
let go of these attachments let go of these illusions and allow peace to come forth
allow the peace of god that transcends all understanding to come forth
know that all works together for the good for the best and highest of all mankind
not just a select few
because all mankind is an extension of source
all mankind is an extension and a part of this whole
and all of creation is god
as god in god
and god is in you as you through you
it is all intertwined in ways that your best and highest self knows
feel the peace of understanding this truth
feel the peace of knowing that no matter what happens to matter
no matter what happens to the physical body and your form on this earth
you cannot be destroyed for you are god you are the giver of life
you are the creator in part and in whole yes
you are
and do not doubt it
for your doubt only limits your ability to take your rightful place
let go of the fear religion and tradition have conditioned you to feel when entertaining these thoughts
realize your mind is filled with powerless
useless ideas that you do not have to entangle yourself in
let them go and be filled with newness
with life with the truth of who you really are
the Christ the chosen one
you were chosen to be manifest in this form to be life and experience all that is because
it is the desire of source in you as you through you
in and all around you to do so
you are here for good
for the benefit of so many beyond what you can see
for the benefit of all and this is fact as you would say
this is irrefutable because this is truth
this is what is
just as you are
just as I AM is I AM
know that
accept that
feel that
be freed by that truth
and so it is

– Morning stream of consciousness writing from John Stringer
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