Let Go of All Obstructions by realitylove

Bring out that which has hidden deep within yes
bring it out and let the light shine upon it
let nothing remain hidden within you
do what is necessary to bring it forth into the light
and to dissolve the sentiments you’ve held on to
of guilt
of resentment
of pain
let it out and bring light in its place
let it transform into the highest vibration of light
so that you may be free
and that your source energy may flow freely through you in you as you expanding in its unimpeded path
let all such blocks go
do what is necessary to stay in the flow of your life
the flow of reality
the pace of your existence consciously
and powerfully
being everything you need be
yes let go of all obstructions through practices that assist you in focusing on the blocks and relieving the tension relieving the resistance
this is so important to unfolding because the blocks are what obstruct your vision
obstruct your awareness
obstruct the truth of who you are
they form illusion around the truth and skew your perception
let them go
detach from the energy around them
the negative charges you have stored within
and let them go
know that you only need ask and it shall be given to you exactly how you need do so
for each block has its own best and highest solution to letting go
just ask within and you will be given the solution you need yes
and so it is

– Morning stream of consciousness writing from John Stringer
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You are here to be in Consistent Alignment with Source by realitylove

There is so much inside of you
so many things brought from experience and so many things that are innate to your nature as an extension of source
you can use the vibrations of love
of relief of trust
to heal the blocks
the guilt the resentment
to bring about forgiveness in those areas where you hold a negative charge yes
this is the work that alignment allows you to do
and once you are vibrating with a clear intent
an intention to bring about the best and highest to all
you are able to receive clear guidance and act upon this guidance that comes in the form of inspiration

realize that you are here to be in consistent alignment with source and that you have the power to do so right now
you have the power to manifest any feelings you choose internally
take back this power and know that you can make this happen
you can choose relief you can choose love
gratitude trust
you can choose these feelings and place them throughout your body
to heal the blocks to release the resentment
to accept all that is
it all begins internally
learn through practice
through experimenting with different thoughts and feelings
become aware of the internal state
for that is all that matters
do not give the power of your internal state away to external conditions
for the external conditions hold no power over your internal state
you hold that power
you decide how you feel whether consciously or not
take your power and use it to remain in states of relief
gratitude trust

in each moment
know that source desires in you as you
to feel that alignment with the best and highest states
and you will know when you are there because of the bliss you feel
the state of bliss can escalate with your practice and you will know you are on the right track
your soul will know
you will feel it
the inspiration you receive in this constant state of alignment will guide you to what is best and highest in every situation
and so it is

– Morning stream of consciousness writing from John Stringer
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The Plan for Your Life by realitylove

Any way you choose to live your life will
bring about what source desires
however your experience of the progress will vary
if you choose to live a life full of resistance resentment and disharmony
you will reap more of the same and experience what you call suffering or that which does not please your soul
if you choose otherwise to live a life of harmony a life of alignment non-judgment and forgiveness
you will reap the same and experience a life that fulfils your soul beyond your imagination
you speed up the receipt of that which your soul ,that which your heart longs for
by aligning with source
aligning with love
and your obedience to the inspiration of your heart
the inspiration you receive
helps you ensure you receive exactly what is best and highest faster
this is the way to live a fulfilled
this is the way to truly be in accordance with the divine plan for your life
know that the plan for your life is so simple
it is enjoyment it is abundance
it is receiving the desires of your heart and it is doing so in the best and highest way possible for all concerned
that is the life you are called to live
that is the life source wants to experience through you
remember your are one with all
one with source
one with love
that is our true nature and that is why you exist to experience that oneness through your individual unique
yes a paradox to some
but as you experience it
it becomes clearer and clearer
let go of trying to understand with the mind and allow your being to understand with experience
feel it be it know it
and so it is

– Morning stream of consciousness writing from John Stringer
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Source will bring about exactly that which is best and highest for all concerned by realitylove

Listen closely as once again we direct your attention to that which you need to hear
we are certain if you would listen closely you will gain what you need to continue growing at the fastest rate possible
and applicable for your situation
there is nothing under the sun new you have heard
but we say this
the only thing there is to fear is that which cannot be done
that is the only thing you should fear
and in truth there is nothing that cannot be done
the answer is always how
for that which you seek there are solutions
and as we have already explained it is simple as making yourself available to the correct vibration and putting yourself in that frequency alignment, that position,
to fully feel see and experience it in your state of mind
then the almighty
the universe, source will bring about exactly that which is best and highest for all concerned in a way that benefits all
understand that life is so complex in its miraculous unfolding
but simple in your role
you are here to experience more than just contrast
you are here to experience the unfolding the bliss
the peace the joy
the love that is all around in and through you
the power
this is you
you are here to cast off limitations to melt blocks
and show the world what it means to be a child of God
for you are God or did you not know
yes you are God
an extension of the true the source the one
that is what you are
and your birthright is to experience the fullness of what you are
to experience the magnificence of this existence and your role in it
you are an ever-expanding ever evolving
always increasing good
and you are a being of unlimited power love and grace
take your place by casting off that which has kept you limited to the illusions
the fears and the constraints your mind has embraced
cast off all limitations
and be open to evolving into new places new spaces
new understanding and greater being
for you are here for a time to shine
not to dimmer
never to be less than
and always to bless those around you with your example of love
your example of light of passion and of joy
be kind to all around you
to your self
to all of creation
know that you are one with this creation with all of humanity with the earth yes with the universe
you are one and you have the responsibility of aligning with your true and highest self
your best self
allow source to guide you to that alignment
and know that you only need focus on “what”
what is love
what is passion
what is joy
what is relief
what is who
what is that which moves your soul
know that all is well and all will work out for the best and highest for all concerned
plug yourself into the flow by removing all resentment from your life
by eradicating resistance and judgment
by accepting the world for the best that it is
and seeing the good in all
by allowing your consciousness to evolve through
focus on thoughts and feelings of love
through focus on benefiting those you care about
through your focus on being a light unto the world
a city on a hill that shines bright for miles and miles
yes that is who and what you are
let source show you how
guiding you step by step
seek ask and knock
trust and know that all will be provided unto you in the best way possible
and so it is

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The only Truth that lasts by realitylove

It is good that we take the time to connect with others
with family and foster connection
relationships based on love
it is necessary in healing who we are as a whole
it is necessary in expanding our experience of love individually
it is for the best and highest benefit of both the whole and the individual
where there is separation, resentment limitation and lack of love
there need be forgiveness and expansion
moving out on faith with pure love
knowing that source will heal what needs be healed
if we act as vessels of this love
forgiving and seeing all without fault
this is the love we are sending out throughout the world on a daily basis
this is the love we are focusing your attention on each day
to remind you of how powerful you are
how amazing and beautiful your love can be
how easily you can heal the world by healing yourself
by forgiving yourself
and extending that same love and compassion to others
it may seem easier to forgive others however
true forgiveness starts within and extends beyond
it is hard to see the resentment
the lack of love
for yourself so it is just as hard to see where you hold resentment
or withhold love from others
once you begin to go within and dissolve the blocks the resentment the body holds on to
the pain and frustration
pressure and dis-ease that your body stores that your mental physical and emotional bodies store
you will allow love to flow freely
allow source energy to expand within you and move outside of you
through you within you and heal all around you
for those who are willing
this path exists and it is a rewarding
fulfilling path indeed
know that you may be this vessel whenever you choose

it is a matter of practice, discipline and commitment
focus attention
all the things we have spoken many times before
it is simply a matter of you deciding now to dedicate your focus from moment to moment to being love
to growing and expanding
yes this is the path of fulfillment the path of abundance the path of a truly rewarding life on all levels
rewarding to your mind body spirit
to your soul
know that you are called to be a light not because you must but because you have the opportunity to experience real love
the only truth that lasts
and so it is

– Morning stream of consciousness writing from John Stringer

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