Set Your Intention by realitylove

Every chance you have to focus to set your intention
to be in the now increases your ability to see clearly
to be that light in the world that you came to be
every time you set your intention
in any moment
you strengthen your resolve your commitment
and your ability to align from moment to moment yes
and that is critical to your fulfillment
that is critical to creating the internal states that your soul desires
without alignment you suffer
without alignment you are confused
without alignment you get tense
and resist and impede your fulfillment
alignment can be obtained various routes, paths, ways
it is up to you to find what works best for you
let go now and surrender to the will of source
the desires of your heart
the soul’s desires are the path
the compass, the will itself
now if there is anything preventing you from doing this
simply eliminate it from your life
figure out what is working for aligning with source and what is not
and eliminate that which is not
and so it is

– Morning stream of consciousness writing from John Stringer
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Enter this Wellness Fully by johnhstringer

And for this we say hello again
it is time to let go of fear
time to embrace the truth around you in you as you
it is time to do what it take to focus your attention on love from moment to moment
to become that which you truly are that which you came into this world to be
know that you have the power to make this choice now
know that there is nothing you need wait for
nothing you need acquire
nothing you need insist upon to happen before you can claim your rightful place
your birthright
it is all here for you now
and all you need do is allow
yes it is that simple
yet takes commitment
resolve and focus
focus on feelings and thoughts of love
focus on that which moves your soul and inspires you from moment to moment
let go of living with the compromise
living with and settling for mediocrity in what you feel from moment to moment
living with mediocrity in what you do from moment to moment
with the choices you make from moment to moment that not only lead to more mediocrity but lead to a fading of your light
a dimming of who you truly are
let go of this false action this muting of your voice
and open up to the good that source in you has for you
this is truth this is understanding this is the path of the righteous
light and love
peace and joy
so much more than the limited life you have settled for in the past
it is time indeed
to break through into the truth of who you are
and to feel the bliss of life
why wouldn’t you
for your time here in this form is to be lived abundantly in the good you experience
in the detachment from the temporal you master and understand through focusing on love
be assured that all is well and will aways be
it is your choice to enter this wellness fully
or settle for something less than real
and so it is

– Morning stream of consciousness writing from John Stringer
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Love is Truth by realitylove

We are here to assist in every way
know that we will never lead you astray
you must simply align yourself with the best and highest at all times
by requesting that which is best for all concerned to be revealed to you
in a way your heart and mind can understand
that will assist you in entering the right consciousness for ascertaining what source is sending you
without any further ado
let us go into that deep still space
that place where we can understand the inner workings of life
and fulfill the longings and needs deep within our hearts
for there is a time and place for all things
and there is balance in this world
balance brought on by something greater bigger and deeper than you may be able to comprehend at this time but know that all things work together
indeed for the good of those who love
those who give themselves to alignment each day
those who understand the importance of practicing and striving for alignment moment to moment
know that all is well
know that all is good
know that you can be confident in your connection to source
because truly you are source
truly you are an extension of the almighty
truly you are the kings and queens of this world
truly you are given every good thing
and you can determine who what and where you want to be in this existence
apply what you have been given
the imagination
the desire
the resolve
the ability to change
the ability to seek help
the ability to grow
the ability to be present
the ability to receive answers
the ability to align yourself with the vibration of whatever you choose
and we highly recommend choosing alignment with source
alignment with love passion inspiration relief joy and all the things we’ve mentioned before
know that you will grow in ways unexpected
you will grow in ways desired
and you will grow constantly
ever-expanding in your understanding of love
for love is ever-expanding
love is deeper than you could ever imagine
layers upon layers of good
that will consume and cleanse your soul in ways that penetrate any resistance
allow this love to overflow and be cleansed by it
be restored and elevated by it
for love will set you free
love is truth
love is god
love is all that is needed to be fulfilled
and so it is

– Morning stream of consciousness writing from John Stringer

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