Go With The Flow by realitylove

There is no more worry no more concern no more feelings of inadequacy
when you are locked into the feeling of love the feeling of relief
when you switch your mind to focusing on those vibrations that are most aligned with source
you then align with source and receive the inspiration
the guidance that will lead you to the best and highest action for all concerned
yes this is the reality of how life works and this is why attraction is so powerful

for as you focus and align with that which is best and highest
you attract that which is best and highest into your life and benefit all concerned by doing so
you even change that which is around you to similar vibrations and that which resists
will be repelled
this is the nature of life itself
and as you let the truth of who you are unfold
you will see that the limitations the conditioned limiting thoughts
and all the resistance you’ve had will melt away because you continue to feed
the vibrations of relief joy love patience
the vibrations of gratitude
the vibrations of any good thing that moves your soul and feels divine
that is vibration that is harmless and good
pure and excellent praiseworthy and most worthy of focus
find that which your soul truly resonates with and you will understand
the bliss will guide you and you will focus more and more through practice on clearing all blocks
on allowing the source energy to flow freely and on receiving the divine guidance and inspiration to create that which you are here to birth
the expansion is happening now
you must simply go with the flow if you desire
to enjoy it completely
and so it is

– Morning stream of consciousness writing from John Stringer
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A Greater Sense of Being by realitylove
October 29, 2009, 3:48 pm
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There is a silent resonance around you that if you are able to detect by calming your mind
and allowing your awareness to see what is behind the everyday thoughts
you will tap into a greater sense of being than what you have known before
there is no reason to fear this state of being or wonder if living in this manner will be functional
for it is the true nature of your being and it is what you are really meant to live from
not from the conditioned thinking and ways of being you have learned through society
but through the true essence of who you are
designed by source
in a way that resonates with love passion and truth that is your real identity
that is the real essence of your life
and if you can focus enough to break away from the false ideas and thoughts of who you are
break away from the “egoic” thinking you have come to accept as you
then you can truly be
truly live truly expand and truly
in this moment
practice and you will achieve this state of being
it is there now
you have just learned to be distracted continuously from it
you can let go of the distractions and enter the presence of your true nature
the power of love that runs through and around you now
all hope is within you
all love is within you
all power is within you
all good is within you
all you need and want is within you
let go of all that contradicts this truth
and you will begin freeing yourself from conditioned slavery
that may sound harsh but it is necessary to wake you up to the truth
it is necessary to get your attention and help you see it is time to transcend
the material lies and distractions
it is time to enter the truth full heartedly with a new perspective
and a new way of being
it is time
and you can and will be that light
if you so choose
allow now

– Morning stream of consciousness writing from John Stringer

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