Source is all that is by realitylove

the perfection that you are
can be allowed by turning away from the appearances of the imperfect yes
you translate and see things through your senses in inaccurate ways
and accept this as truth
however you science has shown  you different interpretations that come closer to reality
the truth is reality can be experienced within
ultimate reality
absolute truth
what is
can only be authentically experienced through spirit, through mind
through going within
your circumstances, matter and outward conditions, manifestations and the like
are all reflections of the world within
and respond to the absolute truth
whether you activate it unconsciously or consciously
thus, you may see and understand
that you have the power to manifest all your soul desires
all source desires as you
remove the judgment
remove the separation the conditioned thinking
that tells you god and you are separate
that tells you source and you are separate
source is all that is
everywhere  present
and you are part and the same
you only need recognize it to activate your own conscious use of your power
you unconsciously use this power
activating it through all the vibrations of your inner world
and so it is

– Stream of consciousness writing from John Stringer

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