Your Focus Increases with Practice by realitylove

Your focus increases with practice
and your focus gets stronger in your alignment
through your concentration
your attention to vibrations of love
thoughts and feelings of love
yes this is key to your unfolding, key to your raising your awareness
key to your removing blocks that have kept your source energy from freely flowing through you
you are experiencing a shift in how source expands through you
when you focus on love
this can be a constant process
a constant unfolding and is best when practiced moment to moment
this we have said before
but it is always important to remind you if you are not already practicing consistently from moment to moment
recognize that any resistance to hearing this again is due to not embodying the message
and that is key to understanding how your blocks work in any situation
when you feel resistance you know there are blocks
for resistance is blocking the acceptance the surrender
to what is
you cannot resist what is
but you can create energy that repels what is
and in so doing attract whatever your attention is focused on that you do not like about what is
you only repel seeing the truth of what is
and attract the illusion your fear is focusing on
now it is important to consider
where you are in your awareness
where you are in your alignment at all times
if you are able to be consciously aware of your state of alignment from moment to moment
you can focus your attention to raising your vibration to raising your frequency
and receiving guidance you need for the best and highest action at all times
that is the optimal existence
that is the life of bliss and that is why you are here
the life you are here to lead
called to be an extension of source
living a limitless life
defined by love
that is your role
should you accept it
know that no matter what you do
no matter what path you choose in this existence
you are once again an extension of source and cannot be harmed
cannot do wrong
indeed this is true
for there is no wrong there is no right
despite your conventions
despite your conditioning
there is only what is
and the illusions or truth you choose to see
Ah and yes there are many who believe otherwise
and that is fine
that is their reality in the sense that what is believed is what is attracted
what is experienced
but know you are free to create the life you choose
there are consequences for choices due to cause and effect
due to the nature of what is
but the more you understand these laws the more you understand the nature of what is
the more you understand the necessity of alignment
for those who live out of love choose actions out of love
that cause the best and highest effect
those who choose to focus their mind and being on alignment choose action that is aligned with the best and highest for all
align with the will of the almighty in you as you and through you
align with the best and the highest intent for your life and everyone around you, everyone affected
that is the calling of source that is the path of the righteous
that is the life of limitless love
and so it is

– Morning stream of consciousness writing from John Stringer

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