The fear-based religions and the fighting and discord by johnhstringer

surrender now to the very best within
yes that which is seeking birth in this moment
that which is from your soul
from source
the true essence of who you are in all your perfection
let go of the lie of original sin, of your sinful nature and all such illusions
your salvation is truly in recognition of the spirit of the living source within you  yes
the spirit of god in you as you
for now is the time to rise above the pettiness and shallow thinking of the past
the fear-based religions
and the fighting and discord
now is the time to let go of this way of thinking
and allow the true nature of your essence to flow
let the unfolding of harmony love surrender light
and limitless infinite grace
flow through your heart and fill your mind
with only that which is beauty
pure that which is flawless
the spiritual
for it is the only thing that is real
all else is illusion
recognize the truth in all around you
and you will have a grasp on what source is seeking to see as you
and so it is

– Stream of consciousness writing from John Stringer

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