Never Before Has There Been a Better Time Than Now by realitylove

Never before has there been a better time than now
to align with source
there will be no other better time than now
in fact now has always been the best time to align with source
that is the truth of life
and that is the truth of now
use it to your advantage and realize the only limits to that alignment are the ones you believe
the ones you have internalized
let go of these limits and embraced the truth wholeheartedly
let go and allow source to do its good will in you fully
and you will see miracles
miracles that have been waiting for you to allow them in
and you will see transformation of every good thing enter your life
yes that is the path that brings fulfillment
true lasting fulfillment
that is the path that brings the enlightenment so often sought after
and that is the path that you have come here to follow
if you so choose
be kind to one another
and recognize that how you treat others is how you treat yourself
change the way you look on the inside and the way you look on the outside will follow

love is the word of the day
and love is what propels life to expand
love is what will help you succeed
and love is all you need
be aware of the things that distract you from loving one another
be aware of the gossip
the rumors
the fighting
the envy
the jealousy
the bickering
the pettiness
be aware of these things
forgive these things
but do not be drawn into the drama of it all
for it heightens your conditioned thinking to see each other as separate
it heightens this sort of egoic behavior
and makes it harder for you to love unconditionally
makes it more difficult for you to stay aligned with the highest consciousness
the higher truth of who you are
and you begin acting in ways that are unaligned and not for the best and highest of all concerned
fortunately life is still in balance
and the greater good is brought about no matter what choice you make
however, for your journey to be fulfilling
for your journey to be an experience of true bliss and expansion
you must align your consciousness
with source in a way that expands your understanding of your oneness
in a way that assists you in loving others as yourself
in a way that assists you in looking within
and clearing your limitations so you can love others just as freely
this is important as you have heard
and it is critical to your growth
critical to the process alignment
integrate it into your practice in whatever way suits you best
and be vigilant in remaining aligned from moment to moment
know that all is well and know that your growth will increase your blissful abundant experience
and your expression of love to all that is
be courageous
and full of love
that is all

– Morning stream of consciousness writing from John Stringer

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