Know that this is the same of you by realitylove

speak not of want
speak not of lack
speak not of anything missing in your life
speak only of creation and transformation
for all else is illusion
know that you are one with the creator of all that is
and you are one with all that is
you have the power to transform to create
anything you choose
but do not seek to create out of lack
for this is illusion and your creation will be of the same
seek instead to create from inspiration
from unity
from your true power
from the source of all that is
and know that this creation will be one of the same vibration
one that is the best and highest for all concerned
for source cannot inspire
cannot create cannot transform into anything that is against or contrary to itself
know that this is the same of you
however illusion keeps you confused and separated from your truth
by mere neglect
you do not recognize the truth thus you do not use it
and so it is

– Stream of consciousness writing from John Stringer

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