When you consciously align yourself by realitylove

and now we know that you are here to be and do and have
what is best and highest for all
that is the purpose of every existence
yours and all creation
for the balance of life is in perfect attunement
and you may choose to be in harmony with this divine order
or you may resist and cause suffering for yourself
regardless the means
the ways and the balance will be had
with your consent, willingly and consciously
or without
when you consent to the laws , when you consciously align yourself
with them
and allow source to do its will as and through you
you obtain the best and highest fulfillment, satisfaction and happiness
when you resist you suffer
the choice is always yours
and if you give yourself wholly to understanding how to place yourself in a position of alignment, of harmony
if you  give yourself wholly to being limitless love
you will see the miracles from moment to moment
you will be the miracle from moment to moment
because this is reality
whether you recognize it or not
and so it is

– Morning Stream of consciousness writing from John Stringer

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Lift The Vibration Of Your Being by realitylove

For whatever you think
whatever you feel whatever you experience there is nothing to compare tho the bliss that source provides when completely surrendered
completely aligned
it is an experience of ecstasy love
and joy
of peace and surrender
it drives all else away
and fills you with only that which is good
all other feelings thoughts
and vibrations contrary to the pure piercing love of source will be transmuted into the same energy
the same power
the same potent love
as that which you truly are
let this power unfold like the dawning of a new day
let this light shine and escalate like the beautiful radiant power you are
let it come naturally by letting go of all the control
all the pain
all the guilt the shame the resistance
all the struggle
let it go and allow yourself to center internally
allow your focus to move to your heart center and allow the energy to build there
the love energy the power to remove all obstacles
allow this power to build and center yourself in it
move from all over your body to this one focal point and allow the vibration of love of peace of relief of joy to begin there
let it build and spread through your heart chakra
to all areas of your body
let it spread from the center of your chest through all directions
and allow this energy to lift the vibration of your being
to amplify peace relief
love gratitude
and every thing that feels good
allow your body to be enveloped by this love and light
let it pour out around you through you in you
and let it lift your spirit to the highest point of satisfaction
and be fulfilled by that which is source
and so it is

– Morning stream of consciousness writing from John Stringer
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Find Your True Connection by realitylove

There is another way for you to find yourself
to find your true connection
your true essence yes
there is another way for you to find yourself beyond just focusing on thoughts and feelings of love
you may focus your mind and thoughts on feelings of joy peace and surrender
you may focus your mind on anything that feels good and right to you
that feels pure and praiseworthy excellent yes
that is the truth of alignment
that is the essence
find that which feels good that liberating feeling that vibration of joy
and surrender
of relief
of every good thing to you
find that vibration and align with it and you will be aligning with source
for source is the starting point of all good
yes source is the very essence the very central point of all good feelings all good things
and is in you to bring about your unfolding so that you experience it in full
the goodness
the peace the joy the compassion
the kindness
the generosity
the true abundance within you
and yes
your surroundings do align
understand that you are so much of what you already need be
simply let go of the constrictions the concerns the worry
let go of any ideas that any harm can come to you
and be satisfied with where you are
be satisfied
content and grateful for what you already are
what you already have who you already are
and eliminate all forms of dissatisfaction
eliminate and let go of all forms of complaining
let them go
recognize they are vibrations of lack
they are not what you want to motivate you because you will be motivated in a place of lack
want and bring about more of the same through expansion
be content with what is
be grateful for what is and expand the good
focus on that which you are content with
and expand that good
you may focus on the good that is present as well as creating the other good you desire from a place of possession in your mind in your consciousness
focus on the feelings and the whys as if they are already manifest and they will be
yes this is key
do not feel that desire and want and need and dissatisfaction are the same
you may come from a place of desire without being dissatisfied
yes without complaint
you may come from a place of desire and through expectation and positive feelings
through excitement and enthusiasm vs frustration anger and dissatisfaction
allow source to guide you in your meditation to guide you in your thinking
allow source to help you focus your attention on that which is best and highest to manifest
for it is about the current state of alignment at all times more so than that which you attract
the alignment with the good now is what brings and expands the outer circumstances
and amplifies that which is within
that is why it is so important to focus on now
to focus within now
align now
by focusing on peace
joy love you expand and amplify these things in your external circumstances
know this
practice this
allow this to unfold in your life
for it is your will
it is the will of the most high
it is the will of all creation
and so it is

– Morning stream of consciousness writing from John Stringer
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