It is no secret that which you are able to be by realitylove

it is no secret that which you are able to be
that which you are able to have
that which you are able to do
for look among you at any who have achieved excellence
any who have scaled the highest known limits of man’s ability
and proved it as an illusion yes
realize that you only need to choose to be that which your soul desires and once your intention aligns with the will of source
you will bring about what others consider miracles
for this is your power this is  your birthright this is your essence
and this is reality
this is love
you have an entire world available to you for your own shaping
it begins internally
it begins with opening up and allowing the vision for your  life to unfold by becoming receptive to it
by attuning your essence your body your mind your soul
all that you are to aligning with the best and highest purpose for your life
yes yes yes
and so it is

– Morning Stream of consciousness writing from John Stringer

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