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October 17, 2010, 4:35 pm
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soar into that great unknown territory that you fear
that great area of development that has eluded you
for you have been unwilling to let go completely
to risk appearing odd our out-of-place out of touch
do not worry whatsoever what others thinking in unnatural ways deem you
the only concern you need have is to see self as source sees self as you
this is where you are going when you surrender all
you need only continue practicing the tone the feeling the vibration of this surrender
of relief of gratitude love and the like
and you will feel the union the oneness
you will know that oneness first hand yes
and so it is

– Stream of consciousness writing from John Stringer

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Embody your true magnificence by realitylove

now listen to this and know that your intention to grow
your intention to live to flower
to unfold
to be that which you are here to truly be
is the intent of the divine presence within you
the intention of the whole for you
and all things are put into motion to allow this unfoldment perfectly
you are exactly where you need be in this moment to continue perfect unfoldment
let go of the doubts
fears anxieties
through practice
it takes actual effort to let go of old habits
you must reclaim your power of choice
your power of thought
your power to let go
and refocus your mind on allowing source to be as you in you
verses the conditioned thinking and the idea the habits and patterns you have formed
of your self
this illusion, this false identity must be released
in order to truly embody your true magnificence
and so it is

– Morning Stream of consciousness writing from John Stringer

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Your right to live this way by realitylove

Work not against that which is true that which is natural
work not against the truest self
the best and highest of what you are
for when you put your mind to those thoughts causing resistance
those thoughts that are negative, that have a charge of negativity and resistance
when you put your mind to those thoughts of judgment
you work against yourself
to no avail but suffering
let this go and allow that which is innate within you to flow freely
unobstructed by limitations , lack and resistance
unobstructed by attachments, judgment and the like
let this go and allow the source of all that is to exist in and as you without obstruction
why is this important
because it is a way of being that is your true nature
a way of being which many have forgotten
many have abandoned
and it is your best and highest right to live this way
for it is the way to bliss, the way to peace the way to transformation
the way to fulfillment
the way to your soul’s desires
it is indeed the way
and so it is

– Morning Stream of consciousness writing from John Stringer
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It Begins with Self First by realitylove

Where is the righteous
where is he who desires to live a life aligned with source
where is she who desires to be love in every moment
where are they that wish to align completely with source and embody the truth of who they are
they are all around you
they are all around you
be that which you are here to be and know that source will take care of every need
know that source provides in ways that surprise you
that astound you
that nourish you
that give you everything you could desire
and you are here to reflect that same love to others
it begins with self first
for if you cannot master extending forgiveness, compassion and love, appreciation and gratitude to yourself
you will not be able to truly love the external
there will be limits to your love
based on conditions based on circumstances and situations
rather than the limitless love that you truly are
the limitless love that sees no boundaries sees no conditions sees beyond and through situations to the truth
you must master loving yourself while extending love externally
this is truly important to your continued growth
for you can apply alignment as much as you try and please to the outside world
but until you have applied it internally
until you have extended the love to self
you will block your growth block your full alignment
block your true unfolding
that is so

whatever you think whatever you wish whatever you choose
know that source is always beside you always there waiting to guide you waiting to take over whatever you are not able to handle and waiting to give you peace joy and rest
go to source within you and ask for whatever it is you need and know that it will come exactly when it should
for there is truly divine order and balance in all things
and the more you begin to align yourself with the best and the highest internally the more the external conditions you find yourself in match
and so it is

– Morning stream of consciousness writing from John Stringer
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Your Solutions are Right Here Now by realitylove

Your solutions are right here now
and ready for you to receive
just let go and stop worrying stop fretting stop concerning yourself with how
focus on what you truly want to transpire and let source take care of the rest
put your Faith in source and the power and ability to manifest all things
put your faith in source and believe that you deserve all good things
and let your heart be free to desire whatever it chooses
let your heart be free to reveal the truth of what you really want
what your higher self knows you are here to have
do not be mislead by the silly conventions and conditioning of this world
that is what it means to be separate from the world but in it
you must allow your heart to communicate the truth of what you are here for and what it desires
what your highest and best self truly desires
for you have become confused with the things that are around you
it has grown into a self-perpetuating force
that you must break free from by simply letting those things go
simply let go and allow source to cleans your mind and heart with Love
allow the love to flow from your heart center and transform your inner being cleansing all limitations
all illusions
all conditioning that causes fear and concern
lack and limitation
allow source to work its magic and you will see that you are here for so much more than fear so much more than the things you have become so accustomed to
let go now and allow source to move in you and inspire you toward your true identity
toward your birthright toward all the power and love
that is within you
there is nothing more important than your alignment and trust in the power within around and through you
all is well
all is well

– Morning stream of consciousness writing from John Stringer

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On Money & Business, Personal Finances & Manifesting Love & Alignment by realitylove

JR Q1: Are there any insights as to how I can best continue build lucrative bridges between my personal financial status with the work I am doing to create and demonstrate sustainable/regenerative, LOVE-centered businesses around the world, especially in the financial, business, banking and governmental sectors?

RL: Your focus on alignment with your true self will guide you to exactly what your true purpose and your true intentions are. Your desires will be fulfilled by you simply staying present moment to moment and you will attract the very things that will enable you to accomplish great business goals in each area you desire. it is less complicated when focusing first on your own alignment. Then, things began to get clearer and easier. Once aligned, the resources began to come to you vs you having to determine, decide, plan and figure out how to get the resources. It is a matter of continuous alignment that makes your path unfold as it should. Although your efforts and planning are valuable tools to help you get clear on your intentions, they are not the means for you to manifest what you desire. It is a matter of alignment. A matter of inspired action through alignment that will manifest what you truly seek.

Now, your best efforts are alignment and clarity. Aligning with source and determining what you want clearly so that your intentions match with your alignment. Then, all things will manifest as they should.

JR Q4: Are there any questions from the realm of Spirit/LOVE in order for me to better assist/practice/refine more LOVE/Heaven on Earth?

RL: It appears that you are wanting to know how to manifest more love in your own life, to create alignment in your own life and those around you. Given that is what we believe you are seeking, we will again direct your attention to continuous alignment. Growing in understanding of who you truly are. It is a matter of awareness or presence and your focus on the bigger picture – meaning not the limited self, not the self that you have been conditioned to believe is you, but your focus on the greater self.  Your focus on leaving the limited self behind by redirecting your attention on your greater self, who you truly are – the divine connection to source in the very image of the divine, as an extension of the divine.

You must simply focus your attention on continuous alignment with source through focus on love, through focus on limitless love, through focus on feelings and thoughts of love and through leaving your conditioned mind, your conditioned thinking, your ego behind.

Submit your questions at www.askrealitylove.com

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