All that we bring and guide you to assists with terms in translating vibrations by realitylove

we are here to serve to assist
to guide
to give you exactly what is best and highest in this moment
and it is clear to us that you are ready for the next lesson
to expand in consciousness
to continue pursuing enlightenment
expansion and increase in knowing who you are is what your path leads you to
this is why meditation, the practices the vibrations of love are important
they assist you in this continued expansion in a way that opens you to your power
allowing it to unfold from within clearly
your spiritual study
as you realized, is key to give you terms in translating
all that we bring and guide you to assists with this
you being able to formulate the concepts and ideas to translate the vibrations you receive
and more will come indeed
your continued learning
is not only for your understanding
but for application
for bringing into manifestation
that which is desired by your soul
yes your soul desire internal states
but also desires to amplify those states with the external
for creation is good
when best and highest for all concerned yes
and so it is

– Morning Stream of consciousness writing from John Stringer

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