Part 2 – On Violence against Humanity and Nature by johnhstringer
March 9, 2011, 7:12 pm
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If you didn’t read the original question on this topic, you can do so here.  Below, you’ll find my follow-up question and the answer received via the inner being.

JOHN:   So, this {answer} seems to give license to “transforming form” indiscriminately (e.g. indiscriminate killing, deforestation, etc.)?

ANSWER: This is not a license to transform indiscriminately, for as you align with what is real, as you allow source to unfold through and as you, you will only transform what is best and highest. You will only act in the best interest of all that is.  Yes.  Therefore, there is nothing to fear.
Not even those acting in what appears as contrary to the will of source. There is no such thing. There is only illusion of such.  Truth is always present.

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7-Day Being Experiment | Moment of Reality Love | On Violence against Humanity and Nature by johnhstringer
March 7, 2011, 4:31 pm
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As you may have noticed, I have not been gudied to send daily messages much this year, but I do have some new updates for you….

First, you can now sign up for the 7-Day Being Experiment to participate in a free experiment that assists you in being your best and highest self. Details are at http://www.lifecoachade.com/realitylove7

Also, tune into www.LifeConversationsRadio.com w/ Life Coach Ade at 12PM Eastern today as I join in for a weekly segment called a “Moment of Reality Love.”  We’ll make a special announcement that I think you will really appreciate.


Finally, the following is a message received some time ago that seems fitting for todays show on LifeConversationsRadio.com

JOHN: With the sort of violence occurring in Darfur and around the world (and in the past) , how does source see this… what is the best and highest view/understanding of this sort of violence against humanity, and even against nature (deforestation)?

RL: The answer you seek is what you know:  that all is perfect and these things are illusion for that which is real cannot be harmed and cannot be destroyed.  Your role is alignment from moment to moment indeed and allowing the things that unfold around you to happen without judgment without anger, without resistance, yes.  You only need concentrate on the actual now, not that which is in your head.  Don’t get uspset about all the things reported on and get in a hostile mood to take action. The reality is your role is divine light.   See the world as it truly is, not the illusions. See the balance of the universe.   Source would never harm itself and that includes the extensions of source.  For when you act in a way that harms the form, you have only caused a transformation, but the spirit remains and the essence is forever. always perfect. yes.

Do not fear any harm, do not be enraged by any so called loss or death, for the reality is whatever humans do to humans – to nature – is only a transformation. It is truly not bad or evil. yes. this includes all so called tragedy. It is a transformation. This includes killing insects, plants, etc..  It is a transformation. yes.  Transition to spirit and matter to be reincarnated in some other form. indeed. yes. do not fear harm. do not fear death. know that all is well and always is. know that you are one with the divine creator and nothing can befall you that the divine is not aware of. understand that you have died many deaths already and will again die, but you will transform only. it is a part of this journey. yes yes yes.

you have plenty of time left to live the life you dream and you will. Only think of now and be grateful for all that is. enjoy life to the fullest and be grateful for all you are all you have all you do.  and so it is.

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Surrender to the will of source within you by johnhstringer
March 2, 2011, 3:20 pm
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it is time indeed
for every moment is the time to surrender to the divine will of source
every moment is God’s moment
and should you but surrender
listen and follow what you receive
there will be no separation for you from the will of source
and the divine experience you are here to have
through surrender you release all illusion through trust and following inspiration
you allow the light of source to flow freely through you and come into contact with all that this experience has for you
when you do not surrender when you do not seek and ask
the good is still here
but you do not experience the best and highest path
you receive what you need to keep you in the flow of balance
for there is reciprocity in all things
and understand that as you surrender now
and allow
that reciprocity will surrender to the will of source within you
the path and blueprint for your soul will be built expeditiously if you will
know that all good is here now and you will expand your experience of it to heightened
levels as you surrender
as you allow
as you align indeed
and so it is

– From that which is within you, within me, within all that is

The truth of your life by johnhstringer
December 3, 2010, 3:32 pm
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now we are here to share with you the truth of your life
the truth of your existence
let not your heart be troubled
let not your mind wander
let not fear entangle you
let these worries and concerns disappear
for they are nothing but vibration of the lowest form
release your self from entanglement in them yes
and know that you are free already
you have the power to determine where  you are at anytime
that is the only reality
and that is what  you are being set free to enjoy
freedom to feel that which you truly are here to feel
authenticity indeed
in this moment if you feel anything other than bliss, trust and love
anything other than that which is an expression of love joy and peace
then recognize you have not been set free b/c you are not seeing the truth
instead you are seeing problems, seeing grievances
seeing resistance
you are in states of discord, disharmony
by your own mind, by your own patterns
and all you need do is recognize they are not real
the only real is God’ swill
the only real is the will of source
this same will is your will
you share it indeed
but most importantly it is of you
in you
as you
this will is you
seeking expression in reality
listen and understand
it is simple
if you let go of the mind chatter
and the resistance
and allow your true self to see
stop the programming you have absorbed accepted and practiced
and see with new eyes
see the light and be set free
know the truth and be liberated now
for the light is here
it has come and you only need forgive all
this is the path
by simply acknowledging the truth of who you are
felling that truth
and letting go
You are love
you are an extension of source
the son of God
the daughters of source
you are one with all that is
and forgiving all is forgiving self
forgiving self is forgiving all
forgive and know that you are the light
yes the light has come because the light is in you
as you through you and around you
trust and know
fear is the illusion
the only problem and it is not real
surrender and be set free now
and indeed you will be clear in all things
a light unto the world
a lamp unto the lost
and relief unto the weary
be ye healed by the renewing of your mind
and so it is
and always will be
always has been

– Message form within

You are free to be that which is perfect by johnhstringer
November 26, 2010, 3:39 pm
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These words are from the inner being, the divine, not that separate perception of self. They will resonate with all who seek truth, with all who listen to the divine within themselves:

Know that in this moment
al is well all is right
all is perfect
there is no reason for uneasiness
no reason for fear tension
let go of these illusions
and surrender to love to peace
where there is grievance where there is fault where there is resentment
where there is guilt
where there is shame
there is separation from the truth
there is illusion
there is suffering there is no real peace
let go and know that these false illusions
can be readily given up
by simply forgiving
forgiving self forgiving others
any and all grievances
no matter how big or small
know that you simply release these illusions
by affirming your true nature
for you are the divine
you are love you are perfection and wholeness incarnate
and all you need do is let go of the entanglement in these
false illusions
let go of the sadness guilt and sorrow
the bitterness anger and harm
for you cannot be harmed in any way
and nothing anyone can ever do, including yourself
can change that
you are not this body which you fear losing
this is just the vessel with which you have been blessed to carry on this role in human form
you are much greater than just the body
yes thus your fears of death fears of bodily and physical harm
or so simplistic and foolish
were you able to see clearly who and what you really
are you would laugh at these carless illusions
harmful to your peace of mind and fulfilment
but nothing else
let them go and be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind
let them go and know that love peace bliss fulfilment joy gratitude and every good thing are your birthright indeed
know that you need not suffer
the choice is yours
forgive self and all others for any and all grievances however big or small in your perception
and be free
or continue to suffer separation from your true identity
your true divinity
your true essence as the extension image and nature of God love source
and so it is

Your Inner Being by johnhstringer
November 22, 2010, 3:57 pm
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Today’s message is not from a spirit guide but from my inner being.  This inner being is the connection to all that is that we all posses.  It is an extension of  you, an extension of Source.

Yes it is the time to accept salvation
and recognize your role in this process
redemption is yours and yours to give
understand that you are an extension of this same power that you look to for answers
you are an extension of the very same power that created your life
you are an extension of all power, knowledge, love peace and so much more
you are an extension of the infinite and you are forever
know that you have the power to bring peace to mankind through letting go of illusion
forgiveness is a great way a common path to do so
there are many paths indeed, however, you ,must find that which works best for you
you must reclaim your divinity
and let go of all that creates separation illusion and suffering in your consciousness
allow this moment to be one fo peace
one of redemption
one of love
one of relief
allow your being to feel in this moment the true expansive nature of your being
that which is real and everlasting
that is the you in which we refer
the you in which all is
and the you in which there is no fear – based only love
you may find A course in miracles helpful on your journey, but that is not our purpose, not to point you to external things
we exist to bring about redemption
and you are to reunite with your true nature
worry not about where this is going
concern yourself only with allowing
in this moment
allowing the divine will to manifest through you
for this will is the true nature of love the true nature of your soul
the true nature of happiness
and fulfillment
yours for the having through surrender

Update from AskRealityLove.com – November 6, 2010 by johnhstringer
November 6, 2010, 11:06 am
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It is now time for me to move on to the next level of my development, following the inner guidance of my direct connection to Source, The Universal spirit, my inner being.  The book (Limitless Love: Spiritual Truth from the Other Side) is coming along nicely and my good friend, Beth-Bell Carr, will assist in finalizing layout and artwork!

The daily guidance will continue through sending some of the original messages and sharing a few of the questions and answers received over the past few years.

Thank you for allowing me to be of service and I look forward to our continued unfolding now!

John Stringer

Let go of these destructive thoughts by realitylove
October 27, 2010, 5:23 pm
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yes the will of source
is within you now
listen to
hear and you shall know
ask seek knock and you shall receive
the door will be opened and you shall have true revelation into what your purpose is
what your role is
what your path is yes
do not fear being mislead for truth will resonate stronger than anything else
and it will not fail to find you
whether you receive it or not
it will patiently follow you and strike when the time is right
all you need do is allow surrender and trust source trust the universe trust the way that life unfolds
trust the way that source has created all to work in perfect harmony and bring you what you need in any moment
trust that you have exactly what you need now in this moment
and do not give way to ideas that say differently
that tell you you are lacking in anything
for the reality is in order to truly grow and expand goodness
you must start from goodness
if you start from lack and limitation
you will expand lack and limitation
let go of these destructive thoughts
these limited paths a
and realize it is time to accept the truth of who you are
not a powerless
flawed being
that is the only the conditioned thinking the ego and the separate self that creates this illusion, which yes are indeed illusions themselves
but you are the incarnate divine extension of source
yes you are the beauty and miracle of consciousness in human form
you are the divine spirit individualized to express and enjoy to expand and explore
to experience and grow
from this place of wholeness and fulfillment will you find your  path
the truth is within you
do not be mislead afraid or fear what is not real
for only the truth can prevail
surrender and it shall emerge
and so it is

– Stream of consciousness writing from John Stringer

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It is time to uproot these illusions by realitylove
October 26, 2010, 4:34 pm
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oh what joy splendor and direction
you can receive in this moment
by opening yourself to the divine within
by letting go of all else and surrendering to this power this moment
this now
this true nature reality
breathe in deeply and consciously
and know that you are the divine incarnate
know that you are everything you need be now
and all you need release is that which has programmed you to believe
or better put
that which contradicts your divinity
any thought feeling belief
anything that tells you are not the divine
is the limitation that separates you from experiencing your true power
it is time to uproot these illusions
and return to the alignment
the union
the oneness
the glory of your true nature
the source of all creation is within you now
and around you
you are part and whole as we have communicated before
and if you desire to experience this oneness
which you do but may not realize
then you must surrender  now
do not think it is something to be achieved later down the line
surrender now
as best as you can
and all else comes as needed
this is the only step you need concern yourself with
alignment and surrender are one in the same
align now
and so it is

– Stream of consciousness writing from John Stringer

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The divine that you are by realitylove

and you continue in this moment
this crystallized instance of being yes this second
you realize that you are here for the divine purpose of shining a light
that light within
that light that you are an extension of
never separated from the divine goodness and flow
universal in every way
the good of creation
the life force that animates all living and all being
this is your nature who you are and what you have come to be
and through your surrender through your yielding to and seeking out the direction of spirit
through that process in whatever form it takes for you
whatever form that works
this is why you are here to bring enjoyment and expansion to source and to know consciously that this is what is happening in every moment
you are awakening and experiencing the divine purpose
the divine life
the divine will
the divine that you are
you are learning of yourself now
and this will continue
as you apply what you learn
the lessons the love the light will expand
and you will reach the very purpose you have come for
be not dismayed by anything you come across
hold to the truth
that you are the divine
that you are fully holy in every way
and that you have the power to realize your true divinity by letting go of all to the contrary
realize it now
and so it is

– Stream of consciousness writing from John Stringer

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