To be limitless love and light by realitylove

will you not give up the suffering
will you not let go of the stories that keep you wound up in turmoil
will you not surrender these trappings
and see through the appearances of things
know that you are the divine
know that you have the power to do great things
to be limitless love and light
know that you are here for this purpose
to enjoy
not to suffer
not to take up a burden and endure misery
this was never the role of any human and is not the role of your life
for you are here to endure only joy
you decide what to make of any experience
thus if you see suffering
pain and misery all around
then it is because you have chosen to see life in this way
but reality is only good
for good is all that exists
no matter where you cast your site, there is good
if you should choose a story otherwise
than you will continue suffering through illusion
and so it is

– Stream of consciousness writing from John Stringer

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