These are simply temporary manifestations that match what you possess inside by realitylove

for whatever  you seek
whatever your wish know that you find the true solution the true essence
the real solution to your desire
do not let your projected ideas and thoughts
deceive you that you need anything outside of yourself
these are simply temporary manifestations that match what you possess inside
the conditions the circumstances events the people you find in your life
and the meaning you draw from these are all simply reflections of what is within you now
you decide what to create to focus on through what you entertain internally
if you wish to see something else occur in your external
take that as a clue as to what you are seeking internally
and ask why do you want the external
this will reveal the intention
which will point you closer to the internal desire you seek
typically these desires are for some form of love
happiness fulfillment
joy gratitude
these desires are some form of passion some form of peace
and so it is

– Stream of consciousness writing from John Stringer

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