All you need do is surrender by realitylove

let these words point you in the direction of true surrender
for surrender is not a matter of simply
affirming and believing
surrender is an internal state that allows  you to go where source desires you to be internally
this is the first step
this is alignment
this is where source is guiding you in every moment
to an internal state that matches its will
this state is dependent upon what source desires to experience as you in this moment
thus it is translated by you through the will and desire of your soul
for you are in essence an extension of source
know that all you need do is surrender all you need do is let go of the mind chatter
and allow your awareness to expand by detaching from
that which leads you to resistance
and choosing thoughts of love
thoughts of peace
thoughts of expansion
that are in alignment with the best and highest for all concerned
this is the indeed the will of source
for your life
and as you do this
you surrender
and so it is

– Stream of consciousness writing from John Stringer

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