To grow be and do by realitylove

for that you have given all to be here
in this now
this incarnation
to give love to all that will receive
to grow be and do what you have come into this manifestation to do
yes this is your birthright your life
your righteousness
if you will
this is the license you have been given to come and be that which source desires most
to follow that full unfolding
into its innermost regions of the mind
of the whole
of the universal
and to unfold in intricately delicate ways
subtle and manifestations that are so bold and so powerful so unmistakably miraculous
based on this power you have been given
based on this power within
for this is the path you have chosen
when  you seek the kingdom of god
this is the path you have chosen when you seek alignment with source
this is the path you have chosen when you seek true fulfillment
purpose and love
and so it is

– Morning Stream of consciousness writing from John Stringer

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