It is in reality illusions that cause you any such separation from bliss by realitylove

know that all is well  in this very moment
despite the feelings and thoughts to the contrary you may see or feel
it is in reality illusions that cause you any such separation from bliss
know that the state of bliss is your natural state
therefore if you are not in a state of perpetual bliss
you have become a victim of illusion
to the degree that you let go of all illusions
is the degree to which you experience your true natural state
that is what is best and highest for your being in every moment
and you will no doubt act accordingly when in the state of bliss to continue that state of you continue to let all illusion pass and not attach or entangle in it
yes this is the master key
this is the way to fulfillment
know that alignment is bliss
and your bliss is in releasing the illusions and allowing the passion the love the joy to unfold
the truth of who you are
do whatever necessary to help you enter these states in any moment
moment to moment
yes and so it is

– Stream of consciousness writing from John Stringer

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