Never let anyone know you are less than what you are by realitylove
August 7, 2010, 4:45 pm
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never let them see you fail
never let them see you cry
never let them see you down
never let them see you die
never let them think your out
never veer from faith in that which is real that which is true that which is here now inside of you
never let anyone know you are less than what you are
for that which you speak becomes a part of your reality
never choose that which dis-empowers  you
never choose words that put yourself down
never choose the actions that put others down
for in doing so you put yourself down in doing so you mock you
the reality is you are the creator
you are the one mind
your are the divine
you are here to experience life as the divine in this form forgetting most of what you truly are and remembering it on this journey to bring back  that zest the thrill the fortune
of life
and you are the miracle itself
that which you seek is already here
that which you yearn for is already present
allow it to unfold and let go of the control let go of the regrets
let go of the wanting and know it is done
yes and so it is

– Stream of consciousness writing from John Stringer

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How to Enter the Kingdom of God by realitylove

Tune in now to love’s vibration
through your focus
through what you choose to think in your mind
yes tune in now and let these vibrations
let these thoughts and feelings move you into a new state of being
let these feelings cleanse your body of tension
of blocks and allow the energy of source to move freely through you
as we have said before it is imperative to focus on love if you wish to remove blocks fastest
love conquers all
love melts all blocks
love is the natural state of being that your higher self resides in
you must align your physical body and your mind with your highest self
with the vibration of source
for you are an extension of source
and as such you are that which you need be already
just allow it through
be not afraid or concerned with others
be what you are here to be and stop being distracted
through other nonsensical entanglements
let your self go and be that which source has called you here to be
you have been called to be the extension of source in your body that experiences the joy and love the physical life that is unique to you from your perspective
aligned with source

there is no need to worry about anything
in your life for all is taken care of
when you realize this you will spend your time aligning with the source of all
the intelligence that takes care of all
you will spend your time enjoying the all
and being the all
you will spend your time
focused on truly living abundantly through your alignment with love
you will spend your time and focus your mind
on thoughts and feelings of love that move your soul and make you feel good
when you realize there is no need to suffer
and you let that bag down
you will realize that life is so miraculous effortless and beautiful
you realize the truth is you are already where you need to be and all the wants things and desires you have will come exactly as they should
when you remain aligned
remain in him
remain in me
remain in the highest and best self that you are
all of this is the same
we get tripped up on words and definitions
we get tripped up on ideas and thoughts that we don’t yet experience
all of it is the same attempt to capture the truth
and the reality is words do point to the truth words can be the truth
but only when you are experiencing the truth while experiencing the words
some experience the ideas and the information
but not the essence behind or connected with them
this is the place where you can begin letting go of your conditioned thinking letting go of your own limited perception
by seeking to align with the experience of truth
not just the knowledge and the words
the information
but the actual experience yes
seek alignment
seek your true essence as source
seek to know that and you will find it
that is again the kingdom of god
and so it is

– Morning stream of consciousness writing from John Stringer
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