This peace, this bliss now is yours – Claim it by johnhstringer
March 23, 2011, 3:59 pm
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The following is received from the inner being, that part of al of us that is a direct extension of source / spirit:

wherever you are know that there is divine order
there is good and there is love
there is god and there is light
no matter the appearance
the feelings the thoughts you are undergoing
recognize this truth
all is well and always is
choose instead peace trust and love
choose instead relief choose the thoughts of power
that you are love
that you are able to do what source has for you
and that you can be in the flow from moment to moment regardless of appearances
that you are already blessed
that you are the divine creator’s own incarnation and are here to do miraculous things
from your own inner power and that which runs through all life
for it is you and you are it
no need to completely comprehend
you only need accept this birthright and the power is yours
know in this moment all good is yours now
and that all you need do is let go of that which has separates you through illusion
you can tap into this vibration now and allow all your good to flow
through gratitude through thoughts and feelings of love
passion joy
this peace this bliss now is yours claim it
receive it
do what you must by choosing it
and this is what is required of you
this is what the events of the world the events of your life
are ushering you to
choose now love
and so it is

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