There is no more stalling by realitylove

Now there is no more stalling
no more delay the time is now to be that which you are here to be
no more waiting on change waiting on other things and making excuses for why you are not ready to fulfill your role in this life
it is time now to let go of fears let go of resistance let go of that which plagues you and keeps you on the sidelines waiting
it is time now to be that which you want to be
to act boldly and know that you are divine and you are on the path to righteousness
to fulfilling the kingdom of god
and to being that which you have always wanted to be
that is why you are here
let nothing convince you otherwise
be that which your soul yearns for
and allow source to take care of the details
the things you do not understand
for they will become clear as you move forward
but do not stall do not hesitate

move forward with confidence
that even if you make mistakes you will learn and benefit you will grow and see the light
you will change for the better and assist others in doing the same
you will break down barriers and fulfill promises
yes you will deliver good news
to those by your very presence
to those in greatest need
and you will be a champion of light
a champion of those in true need
you will bring about peace where there is conflict
and joy where there is sadness
you will do all of this and more for it is already done
and so its

– Morning stream of consciousness writing from John Stringer
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