Notice the feelings and thoughts of judgment by realitylove

oh what a joy to be free enough to act without judgment
to see without judgment
to give without judgment
oh what a blessing it is to receive without judgment
to breath without judgment
to live without judgment
for we only judge that which we perceive in ourselves
indeed the condemnation is always from a place of guilt for whatever is within, in some capacity
notice the feelings and thoughts of judgment
as warning signs that there is something inside of you
that needs addressing
let your anger alert you to the need to heal within
not to slash out at your external
for you are only bothered by your reflection
you are only responding negatively to that which is already within
in some way or another
not necessarily the exact same thing as in guilty of
but perhaps the polar opposite or resistance to
any of these can cause judgment
and this is what needs to be addressed within
let go of the resistance to what is and understand your healing is far more important than changing the external, than even changing the perception
perhaps the perception simply needs to be let go rather than changed
perhaps you simply need to feel into what is in order to heal and shift
whatever the case focus on being through the judgment and allow yourself to come out of the conditioning
yes and so it is

– Stream of consciousness writing from John Stringer

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You Are All You Need by realitylove

Now there is more to your understanding
more to your surrender more to your unfolding
that you must follow
you must give fully into submission
to source energy
to that power which is within you
give in by surrendering your thoughts
your mind surrendering your body’s motion
surrendering your conditioned thinking your will
surrendering all that you sense you are and allowing source to fill you up and guide you to what you really are yes
guide you to who you really are
for the thoughts you have so consistently mastered and allowed to dictate your identity
are illusory and blocking you from being
yes they send you in directions that are futile
chasing after this or that thing
when in reality you are all you need
you possess divine energy
you posses divine knowledge
you posses divine power and posses all that is required
to live a fulfilled life within you already
know that surrendering to the will of the almighty
the source within you
will allow you to understand through experience rather than knowledge
rather than ideas
this is critical to being
for the knowledge becomes wisdom
the knowledge and wisdom become being
when you experience through surrender
and so it is

– Morning stream of consciousness writing from John Stringer
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You Are That Important by realitylove

What is best and highest for your life
is already at hand
that which you desire to come
forth is also best and highest
that which your heart truly desires, that is
however you often see it as separate or missing
and thus send off energy that delays or repels certain things you wish to attract
realize that all you need do is allow NOW
appreciate NOW focus on feelings and thoughts of love NOW
whether it be through focus on what is around you and appreciating what is in your life
or focus on what you wish to see
but do not view this from a perspective of want or need
view it from a perspective of possession
or already having
this is important whenever you visualize whenever you focus on the things that you wish to manifest
see them as done
feel them as complete
feel them as already there and this shifts your energy to the place that helps manifest them
you must possess them now
you must possess the energy now
that is how to align with what you wish to manifest
what your heart truly desires
always seek guidance on doing so in a way that is best and highest for all concerned
the best and highest vibration
that way you will be lead to focus on those desires that are true to your heart
not those based on conditioned thinking
egoic pursuits that do not really align with the intent of source in your life
this is all very practical pragmatic and simple instruction that you can practice daily to assist you in your ever-expanding alignment
your limitless display and embodiment of love
you will have all you desire through your alignment
in a way that is best and highest for all of humanity
for all of this universe yes
it is that critical that you play your part
it is that important that you find fulfillment
for in doing so you lift the consciousness
you expand the experience
and you enable the fulfillment of so many other extensions of source
know that this work is powerful this work is important immediate and necessary for the raising of humanity’s consciousness
you are that important in both your individual form and in your collective form
and so it is

– Morning stream of consciousness writing from John Stringer
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Choose Exactly What to Entertain by realitylove

Your mind is filled with so many things
and you can choose exactly what to entertain
choose that which is best and highest
that which moves your soul to feeling good
feeling lighter
feeling lifted and feeling gratitude
choose that which is love
that which is good
excellent pure right and praiseworthy
yes that is what is meant in the biblical sense
your mind is the vessel in which you direct your mental action and your eventual feelings and conditions
you may choose suffering
or bliss
and all that is in between
but you have the choice at all times
know that if you practice focusing your mind on that which feels good
and when we say feel good
we man feels like love
feels moving to your soul and your heart
not the feels good so many misinterpret as the familiar pain and suffering
but the feels good that is light love relief joy and peace
focus your mind on thoughts and feelings that feel good in this way
that have no conflict no remorse and no heaviness
then you will allow your self to enter into that kingdom
enter into that mastery
and enter in to that alignment your highest self possesses already
it is within you
you merely need allow it to come through
know this

for what will it profit you to become something that is powerless
something that is constantly suffering
when you could be fulfilled through love bliss and harmony
through peace and light
what does it profit you to choose that which is powerless to save you from your own conditioned thinking
what does it profit you to judge others judge your self and continue in a cycle of pain and suffering
it does no good
and if you would but choose to let this go
choose to become that which is truly you
that which is deep within
let it out
yes moment to moment
but now
stop thinking of moment to moment as something coming or something long-standing
or even something from here into then
know that moment to moment is simply now
see that is alignment
and that is moment to moment
align now
don’t make it harder than it need be
that is all you need do now

for what do you want
what do you truly need
what do you truly desire
you desire freedom
you desire the bliss and the love and the constant knowing and trust
the constant enjoyment of life
the fullness and abundance that you know is there
that is what you desire
that is what your heart wants most
it is through practices of alignment
not anything external
that you find this
know this now

– Morning stream of consciousness writing from John Stringer
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There is no more stalling by realitylove

Now there is no more stalling
no more delay the time is now to be that which you are here to be
no more waiting on change waiting on other things and making excuses for why you are not ready to fulfill your role in this life
it is time now to let go of fears let go of resistance let go of that which plagues you and keeps you on the sidelines waiting
it is time now to be that which you want to be
to act boldly and know that you are divine and you are on the path to righteousness
to fulfilling the kingdom of god
and to being that which you have always wanted to be
that is why you are here
let nothing convince you otherwise
be that which your soul yearns for
and allow source to take care of the details
the things you do not understand
for they will become clear as you move forward
but do not stall do not hesitate

move forward with confidence
that even if you make mistakes you will learn and benefit you will grow and see the light
you will change for the better and assist others in doing the same
you will break down barriers and fulfill promises
yes you will deliver good news
to those by your very presence
to those in greatest need
and you will be a champion of light
a champion of those in true need
you will bring about peace where there is conflict
and joy where there is sadness
you will do all of this and more for it is already done
and so its

– Morning stream of consciousness writing from John Stringer
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